Hack Three iPhone: Hacking is a well-known thing carried on by the hackers. If hacking conducted for a wicked purpose, then it may land you in trouble. If you use it in fun way, then it is exciting. Some white hat hackers are also employed to work for investigators for carrying useful tasks like finding cyber criminals. Hacking a website, bank accounts or social media accounts are general. There is also an extra ordinary method from which you can hack.

Unbelievable! $500 Device Can Hack Three iPhone 7s In Seconds
Unbelievable! $500 Device Can Hack Three iPhone 7s In Seconds

According to reports, there is a device which can hack three iPhone 7s accurately in just seconds. The best part is that the device cost is just $500. If you are an iPhone 7s user, then you need to worry. Using a third-party tool, a hacker can easily hack iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus devices, synchronously.

The process is claimed by a YouTuber “EverythingApplePro.” They explained that a hacker can easily hack iPhone 7s only in few seconds, respectively. The process is undertaken by a $500 device which utilizes the power of a white “press home to recover” screen that iPhones present while an iOS update. The method is carried on by a third party software ‘3UTools‘. After a user link to an iPhone 7s to Macbook and restart the handset into DFU mode, the software is to make the device (or devices) toward updating without a password. Then, begin the brutal exploitation by trying a new password unevenly each 10-50 seconds till the device (devices) gets hacked.

Unbelievable! $500 Device Can Hack Three iPhone 7s In Seconds
Unbelievable! $500 Device Can Hack Three iPhone 7s In Seconds

Using this method, a hacker can try unlimited attempts to crack the password. The tool, as well as the software, combine to try countless passcode until the device gets hacked. There is also a limitation of the box password method. It might take a long time to guess the correct passcode. The 4-digit password can get hacked faster. The 6-digit and alphanumeric password will crack in longer time.

Remember, this method will operate only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets running iOS 10.3.3 or the latest iOS 11 beta only. In future, it might develop for other devices as well. This report also raises doubt in Apple’s security. By reading this, Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s user might doubt on the vulnerability of the updates issued for Apple security.

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