Some time ago, Liu Zuohu, founder and CEO of OnePlus, publicly announced that they would release the first smartwatch product this year. Recently, some users claimed that an app called OnePlus Health appeared in the Google Play app store. They cracked the APK installation file and found that it contained information about OnePlus watches and bracelets.

OnePlus Watch

In addition to the bracelet products that have been officially announced overseas, the application also exposes the dial market of OnePlus watches. It contains a rich variety of dial styles.

Most importantly, the dials in the market have adopted the original design, which confirms that OnePlus’ first smartwatch will adopt a circular dial design. This is also consistent with the previously exposed design drawings.

OnePlus Watch

It is reported that as early as last year, users exposed the design manuscript of the OnePlus watch. The picture shows that this watch will use a traditional round dial design. And it will come with a fabric loop strap similar to the Apple Watch 3. The strap and watch use a new design similar to buckle connection. The latter supports quick disassembly.

The OnePlus bracelet will adopt a square design similar to the OPPO bracelet. It will have a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen on the front. At the same time, the bracelet will support for IP68 dust and water resistance, 14 days of battery life, come with built-in 13 sports mode. At last, it will support for all-weather heart rate + blood oxygen saturation monitoring. The price should be around RMB 221 ($34).

OnePlus Band

According to reports from multiple sources, OnePlus bracelets and watch products will be launched at the OnePlus 9 series conference.

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