Images Courtesy of Gsmarena

Oppo finally broke their silence with the unveiling of the Find X2 Pro smartphone. Last time we heard from them about anything Find was back in 2018. So unlike the original Find X. The new phone does not make use of the rather novel motorized slider that enables notch-less display Oppo phones are known for. In the Find X2 Pro. Oppo was able to create a sleek, fast, premium phone able to compete with top models from the big boys of the smartphone world aka Samsung and Huawei.

Find X2 Pro is currently available in orange-gold and black colors and comes fully loaded with a curved 6.7-inch OLED display. 120 Hz refresh rate and support for HDR10 which puts it in the same league with the Samsung Galaxy S20 but unlike the S20. The Find X2 Pro allows you to use it at the 120Hz mode all the way up to 1140pixes while dynamically adjusting the refresh rate depending on the rendered content. It also comes with an optical fingerprint sensor and a nice little cut-out for the selfie camera.

We were also impressed to learn that Oppo has paired the screen with a custom dedicated chip to process images. The chip is known as O1 Ultra Vision Engine and manages the heavy lifting of video content to 120fps. It also handles HDR conversion. In simple terms, this tech allows for motion smoothing similar to what you’d find on the TV and it can be turned off at will. 


The main camera is a whooping 48-Megapixel marvel. It’s not the common image sensor that you find in stock Android phones, with this one Oppo contracted Sony to design a component they call the IMX689. This is actually a sensor that’s much larger at 1/1.43 capable of producing 1.12-micron sized pixels. If you’re not aware, then nice to point out that this is way smaller than the pixels you find in the ordinary 12-megapixel phone camera sensors. The pixels are like 1.4 microns thus are able to collect more light.

Also worth noting is that in this phone Oppo has added the periscope telephoto camera. This is a 13-Megapixel image sensor module with f/3 aperture capable of 60x digital zoom and 10x hybrid zoom. Compare and contrast with the S2 Ultra and you find that the Find X2 Pro has better cropping potential.

Find X2 Pro specs are at parity with most flagship models currently in the market. This includes the Snapdragon 865 processor. Support for 5G, 512GB storage, 12GB RAM, 4260mAh battery, fast charging technology (no wireless though), and the usual haptics stuff. Oppo will be releasing a non-pro version that will have a less powerful camera. Both are expected to provide superb video experience.

There’s no doubt that the Find X2 Pro is a powerful premium device on the market and it doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $1130 or about  €1,199 in Europe.