Disputes Starts 'Who The Actual Founder Of Email'?Disputes Starts 'Who The Actual Founder Of Email'?

The recent disputes claim’s that the said founder of email Shiva Ayyadurai is a ‘fraud’ and a ‘liar’. Techdirt founder Mike Masnick is in trouble for writing this in a blog post claims Ayadurai is a fraud and a liar because he claims to have invented email in 1978 as a boy in New Jersey.

Lawyer Charles Harder who brought down Gawker on behalf of Hulk Hogan now targets Techdirt founder Mike Masnick. Charles Harder speaks for Shiva Ayyadurai seeking $15 million in a federal libel suit (PDF) against Techdirt parent company Floor64 and Mike Masnick for misleading false blog post article claiming Ayyadurai is a fraud and a liar who claims to have invented e-mail om 1978 in New Jersey.

On 10th of May 2016 Charles Harder the lawyer of Ayyadurai brought a libel suit against Gawker for an article with headlines “Ayyadurai has pretended to invent E-mail and the inventor of Email did not invent Email” previously Gawker lost Hulk Hogan case for sex tape charges and went bankrupt, removed articles he wrote on his online publisher and agreed to pay $750,000 to Ayyadurai to settle his libel lawsuit.

As Mike Masnick is now in trouble because he published an article in Techdirt website, headlines says: “Ridiculous: Nick Denton Settles Remaining Charles Harder Lawsuits, Agrees To Delete Perfectly True Stories.

The truth is so far based on documents created before 1978, but we seriously cannot go based on any unseen documents, still some well-documented history has different stories which is way before 1978 when Ayyadurai claims to have invented e-mail. In 1965 there was a messaging system called MAILBOX at MIT, here is all the details which includes the source code which claims the original founder of email is Ray Tomlinson who is attributed for inventing @ symbol in 1972 which works the same way today’s email system works, control both the users computer to send and receive email. In 1975 Larry Roberts invented email folders and some basic email applications. By the end of 1976 overall email system was about 75% complete which based on ARPANET traffic and all before 1978.

Ayyadurai has written on his website:

The truth is, I invented e-mail in 1978 when I was employed as a 14-year-old research fellow at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), located in Newark, New Jersey. I had been assigned to create a software system that duplicated the features of the Interoffice Mail System, which was simply a manila envelope that physically circulated around a workplace. The envelope contained the Interoffice Memo with Attachments and comments from various recipients on a given topic. I named my software “e-mail,” (a term never used before in the English language), and I even received the first U.S. Copyright for that software, officially recognizing me as The Inventor of e-mail, at a time when Copyright was the only way to recognize software inventions, since the U.S. Supreme [Court] was not recognizing software patents.

In 1971 According to the Internet Hall of Fame, Ray Tomlinson who died in 2016 at 74, wrote the first ARPANET mail client with a combination of both SNDMSG and CPYNET programs and that time only he got an idea of using @ symbol for external networks like @gmail and @mail host syntax.

There no 100 percent development of email from any of the email creator as Ray Tomlinson in 1965, Larry Roberts in 1975 and by Shiva Ayyadurai in 1978, three of them has different role played in email creation so far. Give us your point of view using the commenting box.

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