Images Courtesy of DJI

DJI is, without doubt, a leader in the drone manufacturing space. Their profile continues to rise with regards to emergency response especially fire fighting. Now they’ve resolved to form a strategic partnership with a major firefighting player. Together they will explore novel applications and use cases. This was apparent in the recent DJI announcement that they’re partnering with Rosenbauer International AG. A leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment. 


DJI has announced that the two will collaborate to digitize emergency response. They will come up with solutions that they will then make accessible to anyone on the frontline of disaster management. The integration of DJI aerial drone data will help realize this collaboration. And Rosenbauer AG operations management system. Drones are indispensable equipment in the process because they’ll make firefighting safer and efficient. 

Rosenbauer AG operations management system. Currently gives firefighting personnel access to data related to things like hazardous material, vehicle rescue sheets, and fire safety maps. Now with the partnership. The fire fighting crews will have access to drone aerial data from the DJI fleet management software known as the Flighthub.

The information is transmitted to monitors at the command and control center. This gives them a complete picture of the situation. This allows for data enabled decision making in real time and gives managers the ability to deploy teams safely to disaster zones and also better manage resources like vehicles and equipment.

Combined Expertise

Having a complete picture of disaster areas and the ability to respond fast are truly key to making proper decisions under the pressure of time, says Dieter Siegel, the CEO of Rosenbauer AG International. He also noted that his company will continue to support DJI efforts to satisfy criteria with their IT solutions that range from alarm management applications to vehicle navigation and also acknowledged that the partnership with DJI allows them to combine their roles as pioneers while collaborating in the development of integrated technology for complete data-driven emergency response management.

DJI’s president, Roger Luo, on his part said that his company feels honored to make their technology available. To support Rosenbauer’s AG excellence in fire fighting equipment manufacturing. And a vision to empower firefighters with the best of class tools for disaster response and relief. 

This integration is just the start but a very important step. The companies are committed to demonstrating increased maturity towards the realization of the envisioned long term partnership. In the use of drones for emergency handling.