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Are you looking to download ColorOS 11 Stock Wallpapers for your Android smartphone? Here, you have landed on the right webpage. In this piece, you will be able to download Oppo’s latest ColorOS 11 custom skin wallpapers. Let’s proceed further.

Google has launched the 11th iteration (Android 11) of its world-famous mobile operating system. As soon as the product was released, OEMs started developing their custom Android firmware for flagship devices.

coloros wallpapers

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Oppo Releases the ColorOS 11 Beta Version

Meanwhile, the Chinese technology brand also took the initials to release the latest edition of its popular ColorOS custom skin – Oppo ColorOS 11. The new software was launched last month with scads of amazing features for Oppo smartphones. That isn’t the case. 

Further, the newly-launched ColorOS 11 is a beta version, while the stable version is supposed to come by the end of the current year. However, the manufacturer has already initiated beta testing on smartphones like F17 Pro & Find X2 Series, etc.

Detailing – ColorOS 11 Live Wallpapers

What fascinates the most is the customizable features and some stock Oppo apps. Apart from that, the company also has added a magnificent combination of live wallpapers. Users will get the new skin bumped up with lots of aesthetic wallpapers, including Oppo Art+ Wallpapers.

The best part is that the lucrative wallpapers from ColorOS 11 have been drafted for all Android smartphone devices. You can install these wallpapers on phones with Android 8.0 Oreo or later. For the moment, we have received the main ColorOS 11 wallpaper in high-resolution that can be downloaded for any device.

Oppo has launched the live wallpapers in different packages. All the wallpapers are realistic, premium, impressive with an abstract texture on its background.

This is a combination of 6 wallpapers in a single APK file. The package includes – Night Flow, Fluid Smoke, Day & Night, Organic, Moon, and Smoke. All these have different animations, styles, and colors.

When it comes to the organic live wallpaper, it portrays 4 different dynamic wallpapers that react according to how you interact with your phone. You will simply get an impressive user experience using this live wallpaper. Similarly, the moon-themed wallpaper moves around as per the orientation of your smartphone.

With the smoke package of wallpapers, you will enjoy four different wallpapers with varying colors that usually change and interact while swiping up from the lock screen or home screen.

Download ColorOS 11 Wallpapers

In this section, we will get to the download link of the newly-released ColorOS 11 wallpapers. The ColorOS 11 live wallpaper APK is ported by Lunuxct developer for all Android smartphones. You just need to follow the link given below to finish the downloads.

Once you download the file, proceed to launch the default wallpaper picker of your phone. There is also an app named Google wallpaper Picker on play stores to use for the same purpose. Now, select the wallpaper you like to install on your phone.

Download – ColorOS 11 Live Wallpapers (APK Link)

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