Google Camera is the camera application of Pixel smartphones which Google develops for its devices. It is also known as Gcam and is popular among Android smartphone users. It was released in 2014 and has evolved a long way, and the modern ones need Camera2Api enabled to work on devices. Devices from Android 9 Pie come with the same by default. Earlier, it would help if you unlocked your device’s bootloader and then install specific Magisk modules to use Gcam. But now, the process is simple, and you can install Google Camera aKa Gcam as a typical Android application. Today, we are here with the Gcam 7.3 port from Pixel 4 for all Android smartphones. You can try these on your devices. 

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A few reasons why Gcam is famous is the features that it makes available to all Android smartphones. It produces the maximum capacity of the phone’s hardware. The Gcam 7.3 is the latest version of the seven series from Pixel 4, which has fixed all bugs. Imagine if Gcam has official support for all Android devices? It would be great, right. There are a lot of Gcam Mods available on the internet. All of them have different modes of operation. Some provide us little controls, while others offer us every customization option available out there.

The latest Gcam 7.3 comes with a new Do Not Disturb mode, which will help you avoid getting distracted by any notifications on your device. It is a must-need feature when you are clicking. The user interface of the app has also been changed with the new update. We will list out some of the new features of Gcam 7.3

Features of Gcam 7.3

  • Automatic Do Not Disturb (DND) mode while shooting videos.
  • Google has also added Astrophotography mode to Night Sight. It will allow you to take a picture of the Milky Way now with a tap of a single shot.
  • It can records video at 24 frames per second (Google added this because of support for higher fps in higher resolution).
  • Minor changes in the user interface of the new Gcam app.
  • Google has added exposure controls so that it can adjust the brightness and HDR of your photo.
  • They have also added frequent faces, which will help you to capture class photographs.
  • Finally, they have added the Touch and hold shutter button option to capture Top Shot photos.

Download Gcam 7.3 Mod from Pixel 4

Today, we will include the links for all Gcam 7.3, which is available. Popular developers have Arnova8G2, parrot, urnyx, cstark, dice, BSG, Greatness, and many others.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Arnova

Arnova8G2 is one of the famous Gcam Mod developers, and most smartphone users know him. The Mod by him is working correctly on all devices running on Android 10 or higher versions. You can download the same from the below-given links.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Parrot

You can try the same even in Android 9 running Android devices. Download the Gcam Mod by Parrot043 from the following links.

  • Download Gcam 7.3.020 by Parrot.
  • There are no configs required for this dedicated Mod by Parrot.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Urnyx05

Urnyx05 is another popular Gcam Mod that you can download and use on your smartphone.

ZGcam 7.4 for Samsung Smartphones

ZGcam is for devices with Exynos processors, i.e., most of them are Samsung devices. Other few devices are from Moto and Vivo. Zoran is the developer of ZGcam and a massive shoutout to him for this work.

  • Download ZGCAM_7.4_V1.03387 
  • There are no config files available, and you can create and share them with us.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Ultra CVM

It is another Mod that supports most of the Android devices out there.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by BSG

BSG is a famous developer, and his Mod is one of the best which several developers use.

  • Download Gcam RPII_v0f. by BSG.
  • No config files are available at the moment.

Google Camera 7.3 by Wyrozen

Wyrozen is a great developer, and he creates specific Mods for certain devices. You can download his general Gcam mod from the below link.

  • Download Gcam 7.3.018 Wyroczen_SuperRes_v2.1.
  • Download Gcam 7.3.020 Reborn_1.991O.apk for Redmi Note 8 Pro.
  • No config files are available at the moment. Create config files and share them with us.

Download Gcam 7.3 by san1ty for Poco F1 and Poco X2

Thanks to developer San1ty for creating a dedicated Gcam Mod for the famous flagship killer Poco F1. He had also made a dedicated Gcam Mod for Poco X2 when the device got launched. 

  • Download Gcam (Only for Poco X2) 
  • Download Gcam (Supports both F1 and X2)
  • No config files are available at the moment. 

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Greatness

Greatness is an excellent Mod and gives the best picture from the hardware. You can tune the Gcam Mod without any complications.

HyperCam Google Camera Mod for all Android devices

While most Gcam Mod comes with the stock name, this Mod comes with a different name, i.e., HyperCam. You can use the same for most Android devices out there.

Google Camera 7.3 by Burial

At least, few of you guys might hear the name of the developer “Burial.” You can use his Gcam mod for almost all Android devices.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Pitbull

Pitbull’s Gcam can be used for devices running on either Android 10 or Android 9 Pie.

  • Download Gcam 7.3.020 PitBull V1.9 
  • No Config files are available at the moment.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by marlin-Ku

The Gcam Mod by Marlin-Ku supports devices from Xiaomi and Nokia only. 

  • Download Gcam 7.3.020 RPII by marlin-Ku. 
  • No configs are available at the moment.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by onFire

Abhi develops OnFire Mods, and he is one of the best developers out there. His Gcam works properly on Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1 Plus, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7.2, and Nokia 8.2.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Jairo_rossi

Jairo_rossi is a developer who uses Arnova as his base for Gcam Mod. His Mods are known as PixelCam and work for most Android smartphones. He has also created Mods other than PixelCam.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by tigr (trCamera) for Xiaomi devices

Tigr’s Gcam Mods are meant for all Xiaomi smartphones. It works flawlessly without any problems. 

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Dice

His Gcam Mods only works for devices running on Snapdragon 600 or 700 series devices. Also, do note that the devices should be running on Android One.

  • Download Gcam 7.3.020 Ver 4.5. 
  • Configs – Not available at the moment right now.

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Nikita for OnePlus 5/5T

Nikita’s latest mods are mainly focused on OnePlus devices. Currently, the old devices like the OnePlus 5 and 5T support the same. 

Google Camera 7.3 Mod by Marco for OnePlus devices.

Marco is another Gcam developer who tunes his Mod for OnePlus devices. His latest Gcam Mod works flawlessly in the OnePlus six and 6T. 

  • Download Gcam MJL V4.3 by Marco.
  • The Gcam by Marco comes with pre-loaded configs, and you have to restore the same to activate those config files. 

Steps to install Google Camera (Gcam) 7.3 Mod APK and load configs on your device?

As we said, it is straightforward to install third-party apps easy to install on an Android phone. Follow the steps if you want to install the new Gam 7.3 Mod on your device. We will also teach you to load configs on your device.

  • For this, first, download the APK and config files from the above-given links.
  • Now, head to the Settings menu. Then select the Security menu and Enable Unknown sources to install the APK from any external source option.
  • Then tap on the downloaded APK and follow the prompts shown on your screen.
  • For restoring the config file, launch the newly installed Gcam. But before, move the config file to a folder named Configs7 under the Gcam folder in the root storage. For some Gcam, the folder is different. To know the folder name, go to the Camera Settings and tap on save the config file. And name it with any name and save it. It will create the folder automatically and move the downloaded config to that folder.
  • After this, relaunch the Gcam app and Double-tap on the black area beside the shutter button, which results in opening a dialogue box.
  • Finally, tap on the config file you want to use and then tap on the Restore option.

There you go, you have successfully installed the Google Camera 7.3 on your device. Do let us know if you have any queries about the same. Also, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family.

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