Google Camera or Gcam, in short, is one of the greatest wonders of the internet giant company. It is like the holy grail of Google-produced Google Pixel smartphones. But today’s guide will let you download GCam 8.0 APK MOD for Android devices other than Google Pixel’s. If you are a devotee of this incredible camera application, keep on reading the post.

GCam 8.0 Android Devices

Earlier in October, Google launched two new smartphone devices to extend its popular Google Pixel series. The new handsets to join the queue are Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G.

GCam 8.0 MOD Compatibility

The Latest Google Camera (GCam) 8.0 MOD APK Supports Multiple Third-Party Android Smartphones. The GCam 8.0 APK mod is the first iteration to support various third-party OEM Android devices. Users having Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, Moto, Nokia and other brand smartphones can enjoy this camera application.

Being an Alpha build, the GCam 8.0 mod is likely to behave annoyingly. There could be some bugs and unstable functionalities that you may encounter during the real course of action. However, the developer promises to fix these bugs in the new version of the GCam 8.0 mod. Hence you can download GCam 8.0 mod APK for your Android smartphone freely.

GCam 8.0 Mod APK Features

Well, the latest Google Camera 8.0 application comes with scads of intriguing camera features. You will enjoy an exceptional photography experience on your non-Pixel smartphone. When it comes to describing the underlying camera features, you will get amazed by the following qualities:

  1. Astrophotography
  2. Night Sight in Portrait Mode
  3. Ultrawide Lens Support
  4. AI-Powered HDR
  5. Portrait Light
  6. Cinematic Pan for Videos
  7. New Editor in Google Photos
  8. High-Resolution Video Recording
  9. Motion Blur Effect
  10. Audio Zoom
  11. Flash Intensity

Overall, the new GCam 8.0 APK for Android devices is going to rock the photography market overwhelmingly. It provides tremendously-incredible photo shoots like the real Google Pixel smartphones.

Download GCam 8.0 Mod APK

The users can download the latest Google Camera 8.0 APK for older Pixel phones as developed by cstark. But the great news is that the GCam 8.0 mod APK can be enjoyed on all other Android devices as well.

Compatible: Further, the new Google Camera 8.0 APK has been tested on 44 Android smartphones successfully. Besides Android 11, it supports a bit older Android 9 & 10 operating systems.

Find the links below to download the GCam 8.0 APK for any Android device:

GCam 8.0 Mod APK (Arnova8G2) – Download Here

GCam 8.0 Mod APK (BSG) – Download Here

GCam 8.0 (Whyroczen) – Download Here

Google Pixel Devices Embed Top-Notch Camera Solutions

In terms of configurations, Google Pixel phones may not be listed under the flagship hardware corridor. But the software area is always of the apex class, especially the photography department.

Google strives to implement high-end software solutions in their devices. The Google Pixel manages to present the latest Android 11 out-of-the-box OS alongside much anticipated Google Camera 8.0 APK.

Google Pixel handsets conclude the best camera specifications in the single unit. While other companies have to install multiple cameras on their devices to meet the competition. Google phones officially support advanced camera features like astrophotography, AI-powered HDR support, high-resolution video recording, night sight and much more.

Kuljit Sandhu

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