OnePlus-8-Pro Launcher 4.4.2

OnePlus 8/8 Pro is a great device for photography such that one of its sensors can even penetrate through some objects. We’re not here to boast about the OnePlus 8/8 Pro but to give you the Google Camera port which can be installed on the devices which in certain situations would help you to output way better images than the stock OnePlus camera app.

OnePlus-8-Pro Launcher 4.4.2

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It won’t be wrong if we crown the Pixel devices as the best photography smartphones. In fact, most of them would agree with us cause the processing prowess that Google has in professional photography is unmatchable. The stock Google Camera which is exclusive for the Pixel devices has some tricks up its sleeve which makes portrait mode possible even with a single camera. Because of all the goodies and features of the Google Camera, having a port is something most non-Pixel owners would love to have for their devices.

Since the OnePlus 8/8 Pro is new to this world, not many developers have come up with a GCam port tailored for the devices. But still, there are some pre-existing ports which can work partially on the latest OnePlus devices. We’ve found a port that is better and works fairly well on the OnePlus 8/8 Pro. So check that out.

Google Camera Port for OnePlus 8/8 Pro

The Google Cam port by Urnyx05 is the one port you can try out on your device. Since the Camera2API is enabled by default on the OnePlus 8/8 Pro, the steps to install the APK is straightforward but you might’ve to tweak around with configs to get the result that suits you better.


In case if you’d like to try out other versions, then feel free to have a venture around this Google Camera port forum.

Once downloaded, the installation process is given below.

Steps to use Gcam Mod on OnePlus 8/8Pro

  1. Download the APK file given above.
  2. Install GCam by opening the APK file.
  3. Set up the app using the “suggested settings”, “configs”, or settings provided on the “changelog” link (some APK’s don’t need any configuration);
  4. Restart the app and enjoy!

Note About Configs

Since there is no universal Google Camera port that works on any Android devices supporting Camera2API. Different phones may need different settings. Some GCam versions support .xml config files, allowing users to quickly import (load) and export settings. If GCam doesn’t work well on your phone, you may want to try one of the configs created by the community. Here are some config files that you can try out.

OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8 Pro

If more than one config is available in the case with OnePlus 8, try the first one. If not getting what you intend then try the next and it’s all about trial and error until you get satisfied.

How to Import Config Files

The GCam we provided support import/export of .xml files, allowing you to quickly load the settings that suit best for your phone.

Config files should be stored in a folder:

  • GCam 7.x: /GCam/Configs7/

The folder must be created manually using a file manager or automatically by saving your config.

The top folder, /GCam/, must be created on the same level as the DCIM, Downloads, etc that is in the Root directory of the internal storage. See the image.GCam Port for OnePlus 8/8 Pro

To load a config file, move the .xml file to the configs folder, open Google Camera, double click the dark area around the capture button, select the config, and then click on “restore”. Sometimes you may have to do it twice.

If GCam restarts, it means that the config file has been loaded. Well, if in case if you’ve to save/export the settings which worked well for you, then use the option available in the settings menu. Also, check under “advanced settings” (“About” page) if you can’t find it on the settings menu. Your configuration will be saved in the configs folder with the name you gave it (eg: myconfig.xml). This file can be used on other GCam versions that support this feature and have similar settings. You can also share it with other users.

GCam Port for OnePlus 8/8 Pro

So, that’s it. We hope you’ve installed the GCam on your brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 powered OnePlus 8/8 Pro. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to drop in the comments section.

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