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Apple makes one of the best phones in the market, a major role is played in its operating system, which is iOS. Now Apple releases some great new wallpapers with every new release of iOS. This year the same thing happened and they have released some great new wallpapers. 

download ios 14

As usual, for people who don’t have an iPhone or are using an older iPhone and want these newer wallpapers, we are going to tell you how you can download the new iOS 14 Wallpapers in this article. 

We did the same for the wallpapers of the macOS Big Sur which you can check out from here-

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At the initial release iOS 14 had 6 new wallpapers but with the iOS 14.2 update, 2 new wallpapers have been added. There are a total of 8 wallpapers, and what’s interesting is that you get Dark and Light Mode for each of the wallpaper. 

Download iOS 14.2 Wallpapers

Talking more about the wallpapers, these include images of Mountains, seas, lakes, and rocks. 4 of the wallpapers are animated and have artificial colors. But the other 4 images are natural and have been clicked rather than being made. These wallpapers are very minimal and aesthetic especially the ones that are created. You can also install some apps that will help you to select the wallpapers and it will change them according to the day or night.

Here are the sample wallpapers-

Note: Do not download the wallpapers directly from this site as they are not in full quality, We have uploaded the wallpapers in both Google Drive and Mega as well so, it’s upon which is more convenient for you to use. 

You can download the Wallpapers from the link down below-

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