Asus ZenUI PC Suite

Most OEMs these days have applications owned by them to give supports to their users. These are also known as PC Suite. A few years back, Asus has also launched a Suite and is named Asus ZenUI PC Suite. Many people ask why there is a need for a PC Suite when we can transfer files by connecting to our PC. For those people, the PC has a lot more features than that which we will explain. For your kind information, a PC suite is an application that will help you guys to have access all the features of your phone directly from your PC.

Asus ZenUI PC Suite

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It also has easy controls to access everything. The benefit is that it makes managing a phone with a PC an easy way. The Asus ZenUI PC Suite works both in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows. Kudos to Asus for including support to both versions. When compared to other PC Suites, the PC suite of Asus works in a different manner. 

Feature list of Asus ZenUI PC Suite

Before getting into other things, we will look into the features of the PC Suite of Asus. The same is known as the ZenUI PC Suite. 

  • Like every brand’s PC Suite, it will support only its Phones – The ZenUI PC Suite will support only their devices because it is an official tool. The tool is compatible with almost every device of the brand. 
  • The software is lite – The PC Suite tool comes in small size, and it will not take much space on the computer. The benefit of this is that it will run on any PC like, in any low spec ones. It runs much faster and smoother compared to other suites.
  • The UI is clean and easy to Use – The PC Suite by Asus is a small software and has a simple UI that will allow its users to control things efficiently. It has a ton of features, but Asus managed it well to work without any issues. That said, it doesn’t have any bugs and works pretty well.
  • Transfer Files at high speed: As you know, Android phones don’t require any tool for transferring files, but Asus ZenUI PC Suite will make the transferring process much faster.
  • A ton of other features: As we said, Asus has integrated a ton of features into the app. Apart from file transfer, it includes Asus Share Link. Asus PC Link and Asus Remote Link.
  1. Share Link: It will allow you guys to share media files and your applications effortlessly.
  2. PC Link: The app will allow you to mirror your Asus device’s screen to PC in high quality without any drop-in frames.
  3. Remote Link: The Remote Link app will change your Asus device into a wireless touchpad, keyboard, or media player controller.

Will it support all versions of Windows?

Yes, it supports every version of Windows, which is a tremendous advantage to many users. It supports both architectures, i.e., both 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Download Asus ZenUI PC Suite for Windows

As we said, Asus ZenUI PC Suite is a valuable tool if you own an Asus phone. You can also install the same if you are planning to buy in the future. It will make your process easy, and connectivity will be smooth. Now we will give the link for downloading the Asus ZenUI PC Suite.

  • File Name – PC_Link_Setup.exe
  • File Size – 30MB
  • Type – EXE
  • Architecture: Both 32-bit and 64-bit

Download PC Suite from here. 

Steps to Install Asus ZenUI PC Suite in your Windows running PC?

Once you have downloaded the tool, it’s time to install the same on your PC. If you don’t know how to install it on your computer, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to be done before installing PC Suite

  • For this, first, you guys should install the Asus USB Driver on your PC. You can tap here to download the same. 
  • Please do note that you can install this USB Driver by tapping on the exe file. No additional steps are required to do the same. 

Let’s continue our steps!

  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file of ZenUI PC Suite to start the installation process. It will open as Administrator, and don’t forget to allow the same.
  • Once it opens the installer and the first step is to select the preferred language. Now hit the Next button to proceed ahead.
  • Then tap on I Accept the Agreement and click on Next. Make sure to tick mark all the three options, i.e., Asus Share Link, Asus PC Link, and Asus Remote Link, and select the Next option.
  • Finally, choose the Install button, and you can wait for a few minutes for the process to complete. In the meantime, you can track the same via the progress bar seen on the installer.
  • Once it has been installed, choose the option Yes, restart the computer now, and click on Finish.
  • It may take some time for your PC to restart and then launch the tool. 
  • Now you will be asked to choose between USB & Wi-Fi to connect your device.
  • If you choose the latter, make sure that your Asus smartphone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then connect your phone to PC using the mode that you selected in the above step.
  • If your device is connected correctly, the Asus ZenUI PC Suite will detect your device, and now you can use the tool without any further steps.

Finally, we have taught you guys to install and use the Zeni PC Suite by Asus. Do share the article with your friends and family members who owns an Asus device. If you need guidance for installing other PC Suites, let us know that in the comments section.

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