download magisk zip and manager

If you are an Android user, you will be familiar with this app and its functions. If you are trying to root your smartphone, then you will need to download this app. This is an official systemless rooting software by Topjohnwu. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with the step by step instructions to download and install Magisk Zip on your Android phone. In the section, we have listed up all the versions of the rooting app, like Magisk and Magisk Manager. The super combination Xposed installer and the Superuser manager, which is the unique manager much better than the SuperSu. 

download magisk zip and manager

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This application is helpful for Android users as it hides the root from various forms. The Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager is a very different app which uniquely roots the Android device. 

The app comes with more features that we will discuss in this article. 

What is Magisk?

Magisk is a systemless root method that helps to modify the system or add the different modules in the device. The modification made is stored in boot partition rather than the modification of real system files. This app helps in hiding the root from a specific app.

This app helps to increase the usability of the device. 

Now Android developer has released the latest version of Magisk, Magisk 20.2. The new update brings excellent improvements for both root users and module developers.

What is Magisk Manager?

To manage the Magisk app on your Android smartphone, the Magisk Manager is a tool to do so. The main motto of the Magisk manager is to give you the permission to accept or reject the app when you require it. 

Magisk Manager is always helpful as when you root the phone you cannot use any banking app. But here Magisk will hide the rooting from these apps on your Android Smartphone unless you use the application again. 

Why use Magisk?

  1. Systemless root: By using the Magisk, you can root your device or can do any modification without tempering other partitions of the smartphone. 
  2. MagiskSU: Magisk Manager gives you the option to accept or reject the permission of an app.
  3. Install Systemless Xposed: Magisk module will help you to add functionality and enhance your device. In addition to this, you will able to use the iOS emojis on Android smartphones. 
  4. OTA updates: Updating Magisk to your device you get various OTA updates with no problem.
  5. ByPass SafetyNet Check: The Google SafetyNet will help to hide the various necessary app and stop them from working when the system is being tampered. 

Why is Magisk Important?

Above are the main advantages why everyone likes to use Magisk when rooting their Android device. But the primary reason for this is Google SafetyNet because it is a lot better than other methods like Kingroot and SuperSU. It will stop various app like Paytm, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Netflix when it detects the tampering of the device. This helps in preventing data loss and by hiding the root from the apps like banking or Pokemon GO.

How to install Magisk Zip on Android Device:

You can install the Magisk Zip on your Android smartphone in various methods; we will discuss here the method to install Magisk using TWRP recovery.

Download Magisk Zip + Manager

Here we have brought you all the links to download various Magisk Manager to your Android device.

·      Magisk Manager V4.3.0

·      V4.3.1

·      V5.0.1

·      V5.0.6

·      V5.1.0

·      V5.3.0

·      V5.3.5

·      V5.4.0

·      V5.5.0

·      V5.5.3

·      V5.6.0

·      V5.6.1

·      V5.6.2

·      V5.6.3

·      V5.6.4

·      V5.7.0

·      V5.8.0

·      V5.8.3

·      V5.9.1

·      V6.0.0

·      V6.0.1

·      V7.0.0

·      V7.1.1

·      V7.3.0

·      V7.3.4

·      V7.3.5

·      V7.4.0

·      V7.5.0

·      V7.5.1

Latest Magisk v20.3 | Latest Magisk Manager APK v7.5.1

If you are one who has a pre-installed TWRP recovery, then it is quite easy for you. You can download the latest version of the Magisk and enjoy the systemless root. Remember to download the Magisk Manager apk file.

It is easy to install Magisk to your Android device. If it is the first time you are going to root your smartphone, then you need to install the Magisk and gain the systemless root access by using the TWRP recovery. If your device doesn’t have the TWRP recovery, you can check here, how to install the TWRP recovery on your smartphone.

Install Magisk on Android smartphone:

  1. After installing the TWRP recovery to your smartphone move the latest version of the Magisk, you downloaded to the internal storage of the device where you can quickly boot in the TWRP recovery.
    Magisk Zip
  2. When you open the TWRP interface, you need to click on the Install button.
    Magisk Zip
  3. Tap on the Magisk file when it is installed and navigated to the internal storage. 
    Magisk Zip
  4. After selecting the file, swipe the right to confirm the flash. 
  5. The flashing process finishes, and you will see the reboot button, and you can tap on it to reboot your device. 

That’s all! Now you have downloaded and installed the Magisk manager apk to your device to enjoy the systemless root. 

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