The internet giant – Google has just arrived with the latest edition of Google Camera or Gcam, in short. The Google Camera 7.5.105 has been released a few days ago with some incredibly sharp features on the table. This guide will be bringing some important links to download Google Camera 7.5.105 GCam APK (you can also download mod apks from eagleapk). So, stay with the piece to capture the newly-added GCam features for your Android smartphone.

What is Google Camera or GCam APK?

Simply put, the Google Camera application is dedicatedly designed for Google Pixel phones. It incorporates lots of overwhelming features over other camera software when it comes to the smartphone photography scenario.

Google Pixel smartphones are well-blessed with camera advancements like GCam to store memories in higher resolution. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of Google Camera app include Astrophotography Mode, Audio Zoom, Flash Intensity, Video Sharing and more.

Thanks to the open-source behaviour of the Android platform, which allows third-party developers to flash Google Camera APK to non-Pixel smartphones. Today, we can come across scads of GCam MODs developed for phones other than Pixels. One can approach any of these Google Camera MODs suitable catering to their requirements.

Device Compatibility

One more thing we consider crucial to mention is that the latest Google Camera 7.5.105 edition sparks from the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 devices. Additionally, the upcoming hardware launch composition will also be including the Pixel 4a (5G). The APK illustration explicitly depicts the codename of these phones as Pixel 4a – sunfish, Pixel 4a (5G) – bramble and Pixel 5 – redfin.

Hence, the application will initially be available for these three devices to fall in 2020 and there is no hearing for Pixel 5 XL this year. Further, GCam 7.5 focuses on the Android 11-running devices and may not work properly on Android 9 or 10-based phones. Users can turn to the application MODs to enjoy Google Camera features on these Android versions.

Google Camera (GCam) 7.5 – What’s New in the Pack?

Digging deeper, Google is beta testing the upcoming Android 11 for its Pixel series. So, the latest Google Camera 7.5 version is forcefully drafted for the upcoming Pixel releases. Surely, Google aims to uplift the user’s photography experience thoroughly with lots of latest perks and accolades.

What’s new to join the list? Have a look:

  • Audio Zoom

Just like camera zooming, now, we can zoom the audio as well. Undoubtedly, Audio Zoom is among the much-awaited specifications that finally paves its way through the Google Camera 7.5 update. However, the same policy is always present on Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices.

How does it work? Well, it lets your phone’s microphone to concentrate in a specific direction to record a clearer voice on a zoomed-in video. It is the same way we zoom the camera to capture more details. First-time users will also find a how-to-use guide in the description.

  • Motion Blur

Secondly, the Google Camera 7.5 edition also covers the Motion Blur effect on Pixel phones. It works magnificently to shoot DSLR-like quality captions of moving objects as the portrait mode works.

  • Flash Intensity

The latest Flash Intensity feature of the APK simply lets you control the intensity on the camera’s flash. Previously, we switch the flash on and off, but Flash intensity allows us to adjust the flash as per needs.

  • Video Sharing

It is yet another mind-blowing addition to the GCam features. Until GCam 7.4, we were allowed to share only images directly on social media platforms. Thanks to the Video Sharing tool, we can now share videos also on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line, Helo, Twitter, Viber, Imo, ShareChat, Google Hangout, WeChat, WhatsApp and more.

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK for Pixel Phones

Now is the time to download the latest GCam 7.5.105 edition for your Pixel device. The link is directly extracted from the Google Play Store after the latest update occurs.

On the other hand, you are also eligible to install this updated app on your older Pixel device with Android 10 or later. Sadly, the Astrophotography Mode is no longer available for Pixel 2 / 2XL.

Click Here to download Google Camera 7.5.105 APK

Download GCam 7.5 APK MOD for All Android Devices

Luckily, there is no desperation for non-Pixel smartphone users as lots of GCam 7.5 Ports (MODs) exist in the market as well. The first such assignment is from the popular developer cstark, which allows us to enjoy the latest edition features.

Furthermore, you can also vote for the app if you only want to test the new features without overwhelming on the stock camera app on the Pixel phone. Some other third-party developers such as Urnyx05, dice, Arnova, parrot, and BSG etc. are also coming with other GCam 7.5 MOD APKs shortly.

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