TPS Xiaomi tool allows users to unlock Mi account on Xiaomi-branded devices. The fact is that one can apply it for Xiaomi smartphones only. In this guide we will let you know how to download TPS Xiaomi tool if you are willing to unlock the Mi account on your phone.

download tps xiaomi tool

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Without any doubt, the China-based tech giant Xiaomi is among the higher-ranked smartphone developers globally. It retains a humongous fan-following for almost each product category from smartphones to household items.

Xiaomi manufacture smartphones to deliver value in terms of both quality and performance. Recently, it approached the Indian market with Redmi Note 7 Series along with other latest developments.

TPS Xiaomi Tool

The appealing aspect of Xiaomi is long-time customer support services. Like Apple, Xiaomi also ensures great software support for users in the long run. It keeps on releasing personalized updates, tools, and programs to maintain the performance levels intact.

What is TPS Xiaomi Tool?

Before we divulge on the topic further, it is inevitable to grab the nerve point of the deal. As mentioned above, the TPS Xiaomi tool, like other Xiaomi tools, is a free software application for Windows devices to stage. One can utilize the application to bypass Mi account from Xiaomi handsets.

Further, users will be capable of removing Mi account unofficially via bootloader unlock. All the credit goes to the Miko Force team, the developers of this much-beneficial Windows tool. Well, the Mi account can also be vanished using the Qualcomm 9008 com port method. But it falls within the radar of advanced users with apex tech knowledge.

On the other side of the picture, if you are finding yourself helpless in case your registered SIM card is lost, then the only way to unlock your Mi account is the TPS Xiaomi tool.


  • Eliminates Mi account from Xiaomi devices
  • Bypass or disable Mi account
  • Takes backup
  • Wipes screen lock
  • Restore backup
  • Removes Fastboot from different devices
  • Reset Xiaomi smartphones
  • Monitors device’s information
  • Reboot Xiaomi Menu
  • Unofficial bootloader unlock for Xiaomi-branded phones

Download TPS Xiaomi Tool

In this section, you will find download the TPS Xiaomi tool link. A simple click will start downloading the zip file, which is only about 6 MB in size. Furthermore, the TPS tool requires the Windows platform to install and use.

The TPS tool for Xiaomi devices will let you disable your handset’s Mi account easily. Not only this, but the tool can also unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi (Mi and Redmi) smartphones. Most importantly, the tool is quite easy to use to obtain lots of crucial stuff about the device. You can check your phone’s information, rebooting, removing screen lock, and bundles more.

Before approaching to download TPS Xiaomi tool, bear one thing in mind that it works only for Xiaomi-owned devices. You can’t use the same tool for phones of other brands.

File Name: TPS Xiaomi Tool

Size: 6 MB

File Type: zip/compressed

Version: 32-bit & 64-bit

Supported OS: Windows


It will download the zip file that you will have to extract using WinZip or WinRAR tool.

Steps to remove Mi account with TPS Xiaomi Tool?

Here’re the steps to eliminate the Mi Account of Xiaomi device using the TPS Xiaomi tool:

  1. First of all, extract the zip file you have downloaded in the above section.
  2. Now, right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator’.
  3. Further, switch off your device you want to remove Mi account from.
  4. Next, you will boot your Xiaomi smartphone into recovery mode by pressing Power Button + Volume Up concurrently.
  5. Using the USB cable, attach your phone with a PC.
  6. Launch the TPS Xiaomi tool on your computer.
  7. Click on the ‘information tab’ in the software.
  8. Now, you will witness your handset’s information on the screen.
  9. Tap on the ‘Bypass Mi Account’ option.
  10. It will now reboot your Xiaomi phone.

That’s it in the Mi account removing process using TPS Xiaomi tool.

Steps to use TPS Xiaomi Tool?

Well, there are two famous methods of using the TPS Xiaomi tool for the motive – EDL method and Fastboot method.

EDL Method

  1. Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  2. Now, install ADB and Fastboot driver on your desktop/laptop.
  3. Connect your phone with PC.
  4. Open the command prompt window on your PC to type the ‘adb reboot edl’ command.
  5. A pop-up window will appear on your phone. Grant your permission.
  6. Further, you will see your device connection status in green color in the tool interface.
  7. Now, select your device and click on the respective button whatever you want to perform from Backup, Remove, Erase, Restore, Bypass, and Disable.

Fastboot Method

  1. Switch off your Xiaomi smartphone.
  2. Now, press the combination of Power Button + Volume Down Button until the Fastboot logo appears.

This concludes our guide to download the TPS tool to unlock Mi Account.

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