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If you seek to flash stock ROM on your smartphone, then you’ve likely come across the name “YGDP” but what exactly is it? well, it’s an application designed for Android devices that does a number of things. Flashing stock ROM is the most popular of course but there are other things it can do. In this article, we provide ways to Download YGDP Tool any version. ygdp tool
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What is YGDP Tool?

YGDP tool is popular for flashing ROM, but it can do more than that. You’re probably here because you’re looking for this utility and rightfully so because below we’ll provide links to download YGDP tool. So the YGDP tool can do a number of things beyond flashing ROMs. With this tool you can: 1. Flash Stock ROM: of course is the most popular use of this tool. So here you’ll find this particularly useful if you’ve bricked your device. YGDP tool works with CPB format and can be installed and used with ease. 2. Install PreResource Image Files: You can use the YGDP Tool to install the PreResource image on your smartphone or another Android device. Those are recovery files bearing .img file extension. You can also flash boot.img, system.img and userdata.img. 3. Device Configuration: YGDP tool allows you to view device information such as eMMc back-up, device name, and others. 


You have to meet certain conditions before you can download YGDP Tool – Flash Tool (All Version) and use. Those are as follows: 1. Your device MUST be rooted and bootloader unlocked. Otherwise, errors will occur.  2. Back-up your Android device data and Secure important data to prevent loss. 3. Enable Installation of the software from “unknown sources” so that the Android device security mechanism does not block the YGDP installation process FYI: This tool can’t be installed from Google Playstore.  4. Get requisite Android USB Drivers and install them on your PC. Drivers create a bridge between the smartphone and PC to facilitate the process.  YGDP is a windows utility. Other operating systems i.e Linux and macOS are not supported at this time. It also only supports CPB files and will not read or recognize any other file format. So do not attempt to use this tool with any other file format otherwise you might face serious problems with your device.

YGDP Tool Issues:

Sometimes YGDP tool might fail to work when installed in newer versions of the Windows operating system beyond XP. If you experience issues like that then try running it under admin on the PC as well as running it via XP Compatibility Mode and see if it solves the problem.

Download YGDP Tool – Flash Tool (All Version)

Steps to install YGDP Tool:

1. Download YGDP Tool from the links above onto a location on your PC preferable the desktop. 2. Unzip the folder (if zipped) and double click YGDP_Assembly.exe. 3. Proceed to click next until finish. When prompted for a password enter 9527 or 369.
That’s it. In our next article, we’ll look at how to use the YGDP Tool to flash stock ROM. Do not hesitate to contact us via the comments below if you have any questions. 
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