yowhatsapp download

In this post we’ll discuss how to download YoWhatsApp APK. If you don’t already know about YoWhatsApp, then just to bring you up to speed, it’s a mod created based on the WhatsApp messaging app that offers functionality not currently available on the official version. However, you can’t install it from the Google Play Store. In addition to Yo WhatsApp APK you’ll find alternatives like OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent, and WhatsApp Plus. YoWhatsApp is also stylized as YoWA. 

yowhatsapp download

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YoWhatsapp Features

WhatsApp has greatly improved since it was officially released in May 2009. The current version offers end-to-end encryption, delivery status notification, and reads status. However, users keep demanding more. That’s why 3rd party developers responded by developing a modified version known as YoWhatsApp. It’s freeware just like the original version but can only be downloaded from third-party servers. Be careful though when you Download YoWhatsApp apk. Its popularity has seen a rise in malware that masquerades as YoWhatsApp. So ensure that you only download YoWhatsapp apk v7.81 (2019) or later version.

Latest YoWhatsApp Changelog

  • Additional privacy features: Decide who is able to call you, see your visibility status, whether anyone can know if you’re writing or recording a message, and even the ticks that show if a message has been received by a contact.
  • Additional text fonts and the ability to change font size and type.
  • Include emojis from Android Oreo.
  • Share files and documents such as zip, apk, and pdf
  • Experience UI with much smoother lines
  • Ability to share files above 700 MB
  • Faster and smoother performance than the original WhatsApp
  • Ability to lock by pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.
  • The group messaging counter is included in the app.
  • Ability to set privacy for group chat.
  • Zoom profile pictures and change the app icon.
  • Support for more than 100 languages which means freedom to communicate in more languages including Azerbaijani which is not in the original WhatsApp. 

By now you should be able to tell that YoWa developers are keen on the implementation of unique functionality and performance boost. Features offered in YoWhatsapp are aimed at enhancing user experience in what’s become the most favored mobile messaging app. How YoWa compares to the competition such as OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent, and WhatsApp Plus? opinions vary even though developers of YoWa themselves acknowledge the other mods to be just as good. 

Nonetheless, YoWhatsApp has little to copy from the other APKs. It offers exceptional features that are sure to delight any person that yearns for the ability to control certain aspects of their messaging app. 

Download YoWhatsApp APK

You’ll require the following to install the YoWhatsApp APK

  • Compatible Android smartphone or tablet
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your smartphone

Download YoWhatsApp APK 

YoWhatsApp APK old version

That’s it. Once you download YoWhatsApp apk, the next step is to install it.

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