DRONE Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Ultimate Warrior DroneDRONE Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Ultimate Warrior Drone

New Drones: Hubsan H501S is one of the popular and powerful Quadcopters in the list of popular drones in 2017-18, as per the features and its popularity, most of the users have told that the throttle of the drone is impressive, it’s too quick to take off and working like buttery fast!

About the features, the Hubsan H501S with 5.8G as 200mW FPV real-time video transmission feeding.

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The inbuilt HD camera is amazing, its high-quality stunning pictures and video from the sky will give you a solid video frame to show your friends or upload on YouTube.

The Drone Hubsan H501S also having built-in GPS which helps itself capturing video and images automatic.

Do you know what else it’s having?

The Drone also having a Headless mode or we can say it can fly on auto pilot in which the drone records the path in which it’s traveling from and it can return to its base using the same track.

The drone having 6 Axis Gyro for strong stability, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.

The drone Hubsan H501S having motor which each of them is made by superb technology, which gives full throttel power along with powerful thrust and more durable.

More information on this drone is on battery! The battery backup is only to last 20 minutes from the full charge!

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