Easy Tricks To Save Up Storage Space In An iPhoneEasy Tricks To Save Up Storage Space In An iPhone

We all are habituated to keep a lot of things on our phones, from music to movies. But there is a limit of storage, which is quite annoying. We can’t just save all the stuff in a device without running out of space. Here are few things, which will help you to never go “out of storage” on an iPhone.

For people who own 16 GB variant of iPhone, this could be very helpful. Every other smartphone has a memory card option, But iPhone doesn’t have one. You cannot insert any sort of memory card in an iPhone. Here is the solution to save some memory for all the iPhone users.

There are many things, which can save you a lot of memory. All you need to do is follow these simple steps below.

1. The worst thing that could happen, when downloading a file is running out of space.

2. Starting with the storage space. Always check your storage space, when you run out of memory.

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3. To clear up some space. Go to settings, And select storage option.

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4. You can remove “Apps” which are no longer in use. There will be plenty of apps which we install and just stop using them after a while.

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5. Also if you want to remove apps directly, Then you can do that one by one from the menu itself. This will be easy if you want to remove selected apps.

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6. You can also delete podcast and all the music tracks which you don’t usually listen. This will save a lot of memory.

7. If you have any movies or TV shows, which you have watched already. And they are just there consuming memory. you can delete them too.

8. If you don’t want to lose any of your favourite TV shows or Movies, Then you can save them by uploading on iCloud.

9. We all keep tons of photos and videos, which we barely check in months. This will consume a lot of space, You could delete them or save them all to your PC.

10. You can also disable photo stream to save up a lot of memory space.

This is all about Saving Up Your iPhone Storage Space, if you are using iPhone and want to save your storage space then you must follow this trick. Usually we all know that iPhone users need their phone to make more simple and more convenient so it’s better to follow these steps.

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