Elon Musk AI Will Build An 'Immortal Dictator' To Clean Out Humans

Immortal Dictator: Imagine how will the world look if the person wasn’t a human but just a chain of millions of processors around the world. Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has cleared that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) if not get into controlled then it will become an “immortal dictator” and there will be no freedom for humans.

Elon Musk AI Will Build An 'Immortal Dictator' To Clean Out Humans
Elon Musk AI Will Build An ‘Immortal Dictator’ To Clean Out Humans

In his new report Musk said that ” humans are going to die when there will be an evil dictator and AI will not suffer any death loss. The AI will exist forever and this will be the period of having an immortal dictator. This will we the reason we will never escape.

Musk told Chris Paine, the director of the new documentary which is titled “Do You Trust This Computer?” he said it the AI will make it aim clear that bring humanity in its way, it will damage humanity thinking it as a subject. Because it is without heart and feeling and this external thinking will destroy the humanity.

Earlier when Paine had interviewed for the documentary titled “Who Killed The Electric Car?”. Musk being a master of AI that time also strict with the rules and regulations to control the technology. In the present tweets, Musk said people should be aware of AI which is postured by North Korea. He also stated that those who are not aware of AI safety they must look forward to the issues made by them.

Musk the co-founder of the board of OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company is also halted and has a goal to develop and expand friendly AI which will be helpful for the humanity. In 2014 Musk added that United Nations required action to stop a killer robot arms race which was the severe danger in existing of humanity. After clearing regarding AI, he has called it as a process the “biggest risk we face as a civilization”.

Lastly, the concluded that AI is a unique case where we are required to be proactive in controls rather that of reactive. If we are reactive then in AI regulation we will be late. Musk said he had a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO who is also an advocate for the AI technology, but Musk said Zuckerberg understanding of the subject is limited. Zuckerberg answered that he thinks people who are naysayers and try to drum up these doomsday scenarios he is not able to understand.

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