Elon Musk Introduces City-To-City Travel By Rocket, Right Here On EarthElon Musk Introduces City-To-City Travel By Rocket, Right Here On Earth

City-To-City: Today SpaceX CEO Elon Musk exposed a plan, moving towards the Moon and Mars. In the space industry conference, he was concluded with an unbelievable promise, that with the same interplanetary rocket system one can cover a long distance on Earth. After the demonstration, he said that this idea will help the passengers to make a long trip in just 30 minutes. The passengers traveling anywhere on Earth can reach the destination in an hour and this flight will cost the same as an airline ticket.

Musk stated, that the SpaceX’s future mega-rocket codename is “Big Fucking Rocket” or BFR. This mega-rocket is to raise a large spaceship into orbit around the Earth. The new rocket and spaceship are just assumed by Musk and said the construction of the rocket will begin in the next six to nine months. Musk wants to launch the rocket on the dock in New York City where passengers take a large boat. They will mount the same rocket which Musk will use to send humans to Mars by 2024.

Elon Musk Introduces City-To-City Travel By Rocket, Right Here On Earth
Elon Musk Introduces City-To-City Travel By Rocket, Right Here On Earth

Instead of traveling off to some other planet once the rocket will leave the Earth’s atmosphere, the ship will be separated and breaks into another city named Shanghai. In 39 minutes and 7,000 miles later the ship enter the atmosphere and touches different floating pad. The other route introduced in the video are Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes. This suggests the fastest method to travel as far Earth city to city. The ship can cover 18,000 miles per hour at its height.

Musk said in detail about the project which can be assumed. The ship has the capacity to reach the Moon and Mars. It can carry 80 and 200 people per trip. Still, there are some questions we don’t know like how popular will be air travel market according to Musk and if the market will improve then SpaceX will try for the achievement. He also stated that we don’t know how the passenger will experience the flight. The thought of the rocket to space is exciting to explore it.

We have seen, how airplanes land with strong success. SpaceX has made it possible at landing Falcon 9 rockets both on land and at sea. Musk prompting in his speech said 16 of them have successfully landed in a row but it is the big difference between 14-story rocket booster with no passengers and a large ship full of passengers. Let’s hope for good and see what will be the next Musk’s tweet on the ship project.

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