Future Is Here! Elon Musk’s Hyperloop To Come In IndiaFuture Is Here! Elon Musk’s Hyperloop To Come In India

Future Is Here! Elon Musk’s Hyperloop To Come In India

This world is packed with many advantages of technology. We all rely on technology very much. Every day we come across many interesting inventions and news. Now, developers are inventing a Hyperloop technology which will make your tour experience unproblematic.

Hyperloop technology is the latest method of means of transportation. It is like a Pod vehicle which has vacuum tubes. It will travel at a speed of 1200km/hour. Elon Musk is the originator of Hyperloop technology. The task is named as “Hyperloop One” which is sourced in the US.

In the official website of the company, they have posted that the “Hyperloop is the latest method to transport persons and object from one place to another at a speed of air travel. The transporting will be done at a low cost like the price of a bus ticket. The Hyperloop is very popular, cost-effective and reliable. You can call it as a broadband for transportation.

The company has decided to execute the Hyperloop technology in four possible ways in India. The possible ways between:

  1. Bengaluru – Thiruvanthipuram
  2. Chennai-Bengaluru
  3. Mumbai-Chennai
  4. Mumbai-Delhi

Traveling in Hyperloop One will finish the journey from Chennai to Bengaluru in only 30 Minutes. Presently, it takes about an hour to complete the distance between Chennai to Bengaluru by air tour. We can tell that Hyperloop One will be more rapid and comfortable than airways.

Hyperloop technology is already launched for the way between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it takes around only 12 minutes to complete the journey. The execution for the inauguration of this technology might acquire approximately five years more. Still, there is no doubt that this latest technology will refurbish the tours.

The company is waiting for the permission from the government. They will start the project as soon as the permission is granted. The starting cost of traveling will be expensive as the price of the building is Rs. 72 crore per kilometer. The value of tickets can be approximately Rs. 6,000.

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