How To Enable Hibernate On Your Windows SystemHow To Enable Hibernate On Your Windows System

Hibernate is a very important feature in Windows for those who were very hurry to move on somewhere else and making the system just like a pause for the next time to start in the same condition If you are literary, not aware of Hibernate feature.

Hibernate is just like a power-saving stage in which at the first design for laptops only were your all stuff or works were stored in a hard disc with the least amount of power used and all your documents all apps were on standby.

What makes you think that it is necessary to enable Hibernate option near Shut Down option?

Hibernate helps you to save your opened files not within the memory but in the Hard Drive which will be temporary until you restart your computer again, and most important thing is your computer will start in no time but it is sure that it takes the time to shut down using the Hibernate system.

Now Follow This Steps:

Option 1:

Go to  Control Panel and find Power Option and open it, next click Change Plan Setting Next Change Advance Power Setting.

Change Advance Power Setting
Change Advance Power Setting

Then You will have to Turn it Off the Allow Hibernate Sleep

Then Click OK all Done


Option 2:

Go to your Start menu and type CMD, It will open your  Command Prompt with Administrators Right, and after opening it press  Ctrl + Shift + Enter in which you are in Administrative CMD,

Now Type the same: powercfg /hibernate on

powercfg /hiberbate
powercfg /hibernate

And then Type exit and Hit enter to close CMD.

Hope you understand what you came to know here, there are many such tricks you can find on the site which will help your undefined way to living using today’s technology. So its How To Enable Hibernate On Your Windows System, If you have any query related to the tutorial then you can ask using the below comment box.

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