Some sources said that Apple plans to launch the ninth-generation iPad with a 10.5-inch display and an A13 chip in the spring of 2021. As you can notice, the screen size is larger but it still uses the A13 chip instead of the current A14.

Apple iPad

Based on this release time and its positioning, it can be speculated that the “ninth generation iPad” will be similar to the current eighth generation iPad, except that the screen is larger and the chip is stronger. However, we should note that it is still the positioning of entry-level products. It may be replaced with a 10.5-inch LED display, A13 bionic chip, 4GB RAM, and a thinner and lighter design. But it will still have a Home button (Touch ID fingerprint recognition device), and Lightning interface.

If it is released in the spring, it should not be a revolutionary update. In the past, Apple usually released some more entry-level products in the spring, such as the iPad for students or the iPhone SE. Some of their components and designs are familiar, and this approach can reduce costs.

Apple launched the eighth-generation product with the A12 chip in September last year. But that was only a minor update. The chip was upgraded from A10 to A12. No other specification changes.

The starting price of the ninth-generation iPad may be slightly lower, about $299, and the storage configuration may start at 64GB, while the current product has a 32GB storage.

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