Most Essential Programming Languages To Become A HackerMost Essential Programming Languages To Become A Hacker

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If you’re willing to become a hacker, then you might have already wasted your time googling things like, how to become a hacker or how to learn hacking and many more things like that. Well firstly, To learn something you need to know about it, and the purpose of it. So basically “Hacking” is one of the most misunderstood words in this world. People normally think, it is just a security breaking method, which involves different tricks to steal someone’s information and then use it for blackmailing purpose or to ruin the life of the victim. But that is literally not true.

Hacking can be defined as a penetrating test done by professionals in order to test the level of security of the respective system. But the person, who is performing those tests may vary. There are black hat hackers, who crack the system. And then we have ethical hackers, who work for the government to keep the system safe from black hat hackers.

Now you might have got the idea about hacking. You might consider asking yourself, which type of hacker you want to become. Either way, you need to learn few basic programming languages as a beginner. Basically, hacking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only individuals with passion and dedication can become hackers.

In order to learn anything, you need to have basics and so is with hacking. Hacking is entirely based on programming, and you need to be very passionate and creative. Mostly, we learn these languages in colleges. But yet, we don’t know how to use them for various purposes. So in order to become a hacker, you need to think out of the box and practice writing programs to obtain your output.

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Before mentioning the languages, I just want to share something, which is very important for a programmer to begin the journey of hacking. Before selecting a language, look out for the basic introducing and a basic program tutorial video on youtube. Try all the below languages and start with the one in which you are comfortable. Here are some languages below for beginners.

1. Python

Python is the best language to start. Since it is very easy to understand and, it will be useful to you for many purposes. Python is a general purpose programming language created in the late 1980s. It is used for testing microchips at Intel and things like building video games, So now you might have got the idea, why Python should be the first language to start with. Not only, it is easy to learn, but also it is used in things which I mentioned earlier.

2. C++

Now you might be wondering, why i mentioned C++, not C. The reason is quite simple, it has more functions than C. Also this is the best language for hacking social networking sites passwords. Basically, this language will help you to send legitimate-looking requests to the websites, And the victim will be fooled to enter the username and password. By doing this you can always trap people with no clue.

3. Java

Java is probably one of the most widely used languages in the entire globe. And it is famous for its years of legacy and consistency in the IT market. There are many tools, which are used for hacking and they are built by using java. So you need to learn this language and play with it creatively.


HTML is always in the top 5 of the list Since it plays a significant role in website developing. Hacking into any website or phishing attacks can be done with the good amount of knowledge in HTML. So learning this language will be a good idea as a beginner to practice hacking.

These are the basic languages, you should learn first. Then you can move to other languages like C, JavaScript. and few other things like jQuery, ExpressJS, NodeJS. The above languages are arranged in an order for a beginner. If you are familiar with any programming language already, you can start with it. Starting in the following order is not necessary.

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  1. Learn about Basic Computers and Hardware.
  2. Learn C/C++ and Python (Most preferably). There are several online tutorials for free available on internet.
  3. Get your Hands dirty with those languages (Both Application level and System level coding). Going to websites like HackerRank, you can practice your skills.
  4. Learn about Computer Networks and several protocols.
  5. Learn about OS internals (DOS, Windows, Linux etc)
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