EurekaAlert Was Hacked And The Site Has Been Shut Down For InvestigationEurekaAlert Was Hacked And The Site Has Been Shut Down For Investigation

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An unknown person hacked this website Eurekalert. It is a science news website, Which was shut down after the hack. The hacker stole the login information of the site’s registered users. EurekAlert said they were notified of a possible security breach on September 11 through a statement on its homepage. The staff started preparing a password reset for all user accounts. Not only that the hacker also published news, which refers to impose an official ban on the website.

The investigation into the security breach took place on Sept 9, later an investigation revealed one more news that on sep 9, an unknown person has aggressively attempted to hack into the servers of the website. Chief Communications Officer and Director for AAAS said that at the time when EurekAlert staff was working to reset user passwords, the hacker released official ban news of the website through articles.

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This website EurekAlert contains information of site subscribers and scientific research submitted by scholars. EurekAlert is owned and run by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). As soon as the staff members identified about the files that, they are stolen from their website. They decided to shut down the website for complete in-depth investigation and meanwhile they can buy some time to implement new security protocols.

Chief communications officer at AAAS, Ginger Pinholster said “We deeply regret the inconvenience that this security breach and the related site outage may cause reporters and public information officers. We will bring the site back online as soon as we can ensure that vulnerabilities have been eliminated”. According to EurekAlert reports, they said that only passwords from user accounts seem to be compromised, but not financial information from subscribing institutions.

As for now, this website is still offline, But as soon as the staff members create a new security protocol and after the full investigation, this website will go online on the web.

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