By now you might have gotten to know how important it is to have quality backlinks on your website or your webpage for that matter. Backlinks indeed play a very important role in the improvement of ranks and the overall seo score of the website. Still, at the same moment, you should realize that your website would only be ranked in the top shelves if you would have positive and high-quality backlinks. You can create backlinks quite easily today, and there are many backlink maker programs introduced by modern technology that can help you in getting free links that are relative to your site. The essential thing is the quality of those links, and this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Not all the backlinks are created equally, and so you should know that checking their quality is only essential for the seo health of your site. This is because where a good quality link can improve your reputation and is considered as the vote of confidence from the other side, a bad link can result in the opposite and can ruin your position and your reputation among the traffic and the search engine with which it is indexed.

Some essential backlink checker tools in 2020!

Just like the backlink maker or generator programs, the internet has also gifted us with some quality backlink checker tools that can help you know about the quality and relative metrics of a website. Unfortunately not all the services available to us are of good quality and authority. So you must know about the best tools that can help you in the simple checking of backlink quality and authority.

Backlink Checker by

The backlink checker by SearchEngineReports is very famous online tool like the other services offered by it. You will be astonished this is a free backlink analyzer and you don’t have to go through any restrictions to use this tool. The working of this backlink checker is quite simple; you just have to enter the URL of the site in the input bar and hit “Check Backlink” button. This backlink tracker will provide you with a complete list of all the metrics that tell you about the quality of the site and whether it should be useful or not. You would also get familiar with the already linked sites.


SEM rush is one of our top suggestions when it comes to backlink checker tools. This service is already very famous for providing the best keyword research. However, it is getting more acceptance in checking backlinks over the past few years. SEM rush is quite famous for providing powerful tools for SEO managers. You can use the backlink checker tool on any of your devices having a powerful browsing program like chrome. The backlink checker program by SEM rush is also known as a backlink analytics tool; this means that you can enjoy a complete analysis of the website which you are planning on linking with.

Link miner

Link miner is yet another program that is specially designed for you guys who want to check backlinks. As the name of the analyst suggests, it has perfect expertise in mining the quality of a link that you enter in its interface. This link minder program can also help you with added filters like no-follow, deleted and lost as well. Another favourite feature of this program is that you can easily add your favourite backlinks and save them in the list. Now, this could be a great method of shortlisting the backlinks that would help you target your competition. You can also use this advantage to keep track of the backlinks that you have already used in your site and the ones that are remaining.


This is another backlink checker program that belongs to Neil Patel. This is yet another platform that has gathered huge applause by the services it provides for keyword finding and rank checking. This platform has become quite famous among people who have just started their website business and are looking for quality links to use. The interface of this suggestion program is quite easy to understand, and you don’t need any skills and experience to master the use of it. Just with a basic knowledge of the web, you can operate this tool. You have to enter the domain address of a website in this program, and it would tell you about its authority, page speed, niche, reference, missing links, traffic density and information of the sort.

Sometimes your competitors are using the same content as you are using and so you must get this information. The backlink checker programs that we have mentioned above are considered to be perfect for this kind of job.

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