The Amazing Everlast Notebook With Smart Scanning PagesThe Amazing Everlast Notebook With Smart Scanning Pages

Everlast Notebook: The Everlast Notebook is one of the smart Notebook ever seen. The Notebook is reusable, you can easily erase your last notes and rewrite in that same pages. You will get a perfect practice with the pen and paper if also, we live in a digital age. Using the exclusive paper it can be wiped clean with a wet towel.

The Amazing Everlast Notebook With Smart Scanning Pages
The Amazing Everlast Notebook With Smart Scanning Pages

It is like a magic and you will have a great fun using the Notebook. When you use or write with any pen from the Pilot Frixion line it will hold the writing as a regular paper do. If you want to erase the last Notes just add little water and erase with the clean towel. You can connect your Everlast Notebook to all of your favorite cloud services.

It is compatible with the Rocketbook app which means before your notes go off the page you can send stuff to online to destinations like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack, or to an email address. The notes reach safely to your destinations in a well-organized manner. Remember the Everlast is not a whiteboard book but a purely Notebook.

The pages are made of an optimal synthetic polyester blend that can be wiped clean of FriXion ink. You can write with other inks but we suggest you go with FriXion pen line are just excellent pens that are perfect and can erase absolutely. If you will leave the ink on a page for months it will leave a faint ghost back so its suggested to erase every few weeks to hold your Notebook in an excellent position.

Every page of Rocketbook Everlast has a special QR code which directs the Rocketbook app of the page number in each scan. This implies that whenever you scan your Everlast Notebook you will get your notes in the right order. You will see that each page is surrounded by the narrow dark border where the border supports the Rocketbook app to get your page quickly in any surrounding.

The pages have unique dots grid pattern which is excellent for text notes, sketches and diagrams also. FriXion gel ballpoint pens are available in many different colors and you can purchase online also. You can buy the Everlast Notebook in the Indiegogo site for just $34. So visit the site and get the everlasting notebook to write the fresh note.

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