Why these cylinders are required at the end of every charger? We have a full prof that you should be aware of this. You are definitely using your laptop or smartphone device at this time! but if you have a charger having Cylinder shaped at the end of cord then you should know this, that what really does it makes sense of having this cylinder.

Take a look at the end of your charger or device plug, it must have some sort of plastic cylinder near to the end of the cable, right?

If you found them then again look at the keyboard and mouse cable, did you see any cylinder shaped plastic at their end? probably No. Now we will explain this how really this cylinder works!

It is called “Ferrite Core” These cylinders are responsible for preventing very large variation or power over supply through the cable and power surges in currents that pass through the cable and prevent ‘Choke’ within the wire to make it any further supply the current to the device.

This cylinder as we call it as “Ferrite Core” are made of ¬†hollow disc, an iron oxide material with magnetic properties. It helps to prevent the wire behave on over floating current like aerials. As a result, all this metal wire can potentially serve as an antenna by absorbing or emitting any radiation while passing current around it.

Without the core, the radiation emitted by the wires could cause interference with other electronic objects around them which act as receptors of this radiation, causing, for example, noise in speakers.

An example of this phenomenon can be seen when cell phones interfere with the signal devices such as radios and speakers, causing a rhythmic noise well known for electronic users.

Original Source: TheAmazingFact

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