Google has come up with something interesting always, But this time, it’s the future of technology which will redefine everything about google. Yes, you heard me right. Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) group has stepped forward with the amazing soli project. Earlier this year this project was started and now they’re developing it. This is totally virtual and believe me this is the future of almost every technology gadget.

Soli is a new sensing technology. Now you might be wondering how it works? Well, it is pretty easy. This is a new sensing technology which uses a radar known as miniature radar to detect gestures. And the main feature is that the gestures are touchless like interactions with a device in the air. Sounds amazing right? Well watch the pictures below and get more info about it.


Basically, how it works is the user will make a gesture with hand by using fingers and from a certain distance the radar will detect the gesture. A slide of the finger from a certain distance will perform a task in the device could be sliding off the menu or a picture.

images (1)

Just a wave of can performs a task. Sounds amazing to me well here is some information about the system. Soli is an interaction sensor which will use the radar to detect the motion of a human hand in the range of the radar. The possibilities are endless here.


This sensor will track motion with the high amount of high speed in sub-millimeter along with super high accuracy. Which will detect the motion direction and type. They are building a ubiquitous gesture interaction language which will allow users to control the device with some simple universal gesture.

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In this technology the human hand will be the input and the output will be the device which performs the tasks itself. But previously the human hand needed to physically touch the device for the input, Whereas here the input is given by gestures in the air.

A spokesperson said, “We are working on a larger solicitation later this year for the beta release”.

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