Wireless charging is now a must-have feature on flagship phones and magnetic charging for iPhones with exclusive accessories is a match made in heaven. As one of Apple’s partner manufacturers, mophie’s products have always been simple, practical and of high quality.

The mophie 3-in-1 15W magnetic desktop wireless stand adopts a multi-coil design, which can be wirelessly charged in both horizontal and vertical positions. It supports multi-angle placement of magnetic suction cups, and is very flexible for daily use. Android phones with wireless charging function can also be used, and watches and headphones can be charged.

Package Design

The mophie wireless mobile phone stand packaging box adopts a white and simple design style and the appearance of the wireless charging stand is printed on the front, and the charging cable is connected. Open the package and open the package, in addition to the mophie two-in-one wireless charging stand, there are also product manuals, charging sets and magnetic suction ring sets.

The magnetic part of the product is printed with a green wireless charging logo on the front, which is inlaid with the upper shell part and is connected to the base through a black support frame. The base part is relatively large and very stable on the desktop.

The charger is designed with environmentally friendly materials and feels very skin-friendly. Compatible with Qi wireless charging, it provides 7.5W~15W wireless safe fast charging for the device, and the charging will not be affected by the case.

The back of the mophie wireless mobile phone stand can be seen to be connected by an aluminum alloy stand. The base is squarely designed with rounded edges. The charging port is hidden in the middle of the bottom of the fuselage and adopts a DC round hole design.

Overall Review

The mophie wireless mobile phone stand matches the iPhone 14 Pro very well. The product has a very strong adsorption force, is firm and stable, and the back does not affect the position of the camera. The charging dynamic effect and speed are very good.

And since it is a three-in-one, the bottom plate can also wirelessly charge headphones and watches at the same time, which can easily solve multiple daily devices, which is safe and efficient.

The quality experience of the mophie 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charger is really good. As a brand certified by Apple and sold on the official website, it is very safe to use. Moreover, the daily desktop is simple and beautiful. The maximum output power of the magnetic suction part can reach 15W to help the mobile phone quickly recycle. The base also has 5W wireless charging, which can charge headphones, watches and other wearable products without induction.