huawei smart speakers new patent

The Chinese telecom equipment supplier and smartphone manufacturer is formulating new ways to bring customer’s smart devices. After announcing a giant Sound X Smart speaker and Huawei AI speaker 2, the company is designing various new iterations of smart speakers to improve the product catalog. Huawei registered three different Smart speaker patents with CNIPA – China’s National Intellectual Property Administration. The patents were applied in June 2019.

huawei smart speakers new patent

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All three smart speaker patents offer different designs featuring different sets of hardware and color options.

Patent – Huawei AI Smart Speaker

huawei ai smart speaker patent

As in the pictures above, we can see a standard designed AI Smart speaker with a multifunction button in the middle, and microphones surrounding it. Like the Amazon Echo Dot, the new speaker is placed in the downwards direction. We can see the speaker grill at the bottom of the device. A micro-USB port is present on the rear side. Unfortunately, any type of button is not visible on the Huawei AI Smart Speakers.

Patent – Huawei Smart Speaker 6

huawei new smart speakers

It another new Smart speaker patent registered by Huawei last year and published today on CNIPA. The Huawei Smart Speaker 6 design looks more compact and comfy with respect to the above design. The speaker grill can be seen on the front side of the device with volume up and down feather touch buttons. A separate rubber knot is incorporated for the ease to hold it. A USB-Type-C port is present on the rear side of the device.

A play, pause, forward and rewind buttons are present on the side of the speaker. It appeared in two different colors of baby Pink and White.

Patent – Huawei Smart Speaker 7

huawei smart speaker 7 patent

It appears to be a more improved design than the above two patents. The speaker grill is covered with a mesh, and houses an easily visible volume and down controls. The next, previous, play/pause button is present on the side of the speaker. It is depicted in two different colors of Black and Blue-Green color. A USB Type-C port is also available on the side.

It appears Huawei is looking to expand its smart speaker portfolio. However, we are only expecting new products, nothing is confirmed yet as these are mere patents. We expect some more information to reveal at different certifications in the coming few weeks.

Moreover, Huawei is on the verge to launch many new smartphones. A new Huawei smartphone with an under-screen camera leaked via a patent.

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