Facebook is the biggest social networking website today without any doubt. But the main feature of facebook is that they never wanted advertisements back then in 2004. Because the reason is simple, People hate ads so they decided not to keep any ads until now. Yes, you heard me right. Facebook claims that they will add advertisements with user content on the newsfeed.

Now you might be wondering why? Why are they doing this? Well facebook has already answered this question telling ” ads support of our mission of giving people the power to share and making the world more open and connected we are putting control in people’s hands with our updated ad preferences and our other advertising controls”

Facebook is literally taking on software that shut out the advertisements such as ad-blocker. This ad-blocker will remove all the commercial posts from your page, But facebook is making it very difficult for this ad-blocker to do its job which is distinguished ads and user content on the page. A team of researcher’s which has an Indian origin scientist has done an experimental ad which has proved that facebook just cannot win over ad-blockers on its platform.

The biggest social media website Facebook last week said that it would make its ads indistinguishable to get recognized from regular posts on the newsfeed and hence it will be impossible to block with any ad-blocker.

Narayanan wrote, “We’ve created a prototype tool that detects Facebook ads without relying on hidden HTML code to distinguish them”. He added, “This is a simple proof of concept but the detection method could easily be made much more robust without incurring a performance penalty”.

If you want to identify the ads. When You have ‘Facebook Ad Highlighter’ installed on your device then the ads in the newsfeed are grayed out and written over with the words. ‘THIS IS AN AD’, this is said by a reporter in MIT technology review.

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