After the shutdown news of torrents. The social networking sites have decided to remove any stuff which is related to the torrents due to copyrights issues. Also because users were posting clone torrent websites and sharing links which are against the facebook policy and terms and agreements.

The whole thing involves the removal of the fan page of Extra torrent on facebook. Which is no longer available and not only that but facebook has also decided to delete the profiles of the admins because they could share the websites info to people with the help of groups or by posting on other pages. So facebook is quite clear here, Facebook is not thinking to take a single risk in case of this piracy website admins profiles neither for the fan pages of any torrent website.

Facebook has always been very active in removing copyright fan pages or any sort of links related to it which are being shared by the users and admins of those pages. which are totally against the conditions. which facebook provides for the users to agree on the time. when the user is creating a fan page or an Id. But sometimes it gets a little further when the pages get deleted completely. Also with the profiles of admins of those pages.

Facebook Bans ExtraTorrent Pages, Deletes User Profiles And Flags Links
Facebook Bans ExtraTorrent Pages, Deletes User Profiles And Flags Links

The thing is years ago the site stopped to share the material which is copyrighted, It was still reported by copyright holders. Due to the reports facebook flagged the site extra torrent as an infringer. And finally, the page was removed which had millions of followers.

And then a shocking news from the operator of extra torrents Sam, He stated that after the delete of extra torrent fan page the facebook decided to delete groups which were created by daily users ( normal users). Well that was so bad but guess what, Also the user profiles who were linked to these torrent websites were disabled.

Extra torrents did not post any illegal links which break the terms of facebook but it shared the website’s URL’s which was enough for facebook to delete their entire fan page. Which leads us to the final answer and that is if anyone wants to post any link or info about extra torrents must pass the security service and may be disabled if any scams found.

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