Facebook Finding Free WiFi: The Internet is now an integral part of our life. You spend most of your time using the Internet. Whether you want to stay connected with your friends, family or you use it to speed up your daily work, you are going to use the internet. You are new to a place and got stuck somewhere. You don’t know the way, you just simply use Google Maps. Again, the Internet.

With the arrival of Reliance Jio, High-speed Internet now does not create a hole in the pocket. But, sometimes Jio doesn’t work too and then all you desire is a stable wifi connection. And free WiFi is the icing on the cake. Finding free wifi is definitely a problem which every one of you faces.

Facebook Finding Free WiFi For You Near You

Even if you find one, then you have to do the sign-up process to receive the password which literally does not work most of the time. And if you are very lucky, then at most you will get free wifi for a small time. Well, now the problem of finding free wifi will be easy for you guys. Thanks to the social media giant Facebook.

Facebook wants you to always stay connected with your friends, family and important people in your life. That’s why social media giant Facebook was testing out a feature to find free public WiFi for a year. And now, this feature is all set to come to your Facebook App soon called “Search Wifi”.

Facebook Finding Free WiFi For You Near You
Facebook Finding Free WiFi For You Near You

It is a hidden feature that you can find in your Facebook App. Here how you can find this on your app. All you have to do is open your Facebook app and go to the side menu. After, that tap on “See All” and then you will be able to find the “Search Wifi” option. If you are not able to find this feature then don’t worry at all. This feature is yet to be available to every user and you might get this feature soon.

With the help of this feature you will be able to see all the free public Wifi which is near you on a map then you can simply go to that location and connect with that WiFi and do your urgent work or send that text to your important friends so that they can know you are there for them.


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