Facebook Will Now Help You To Find a Nearby Free WiFi Hotspot

Facebook has launched a new feature which is known as Wi-Fi Discovery. A representative of Facebook gave a statement to the VentureBeat report telling that “Facebook aimed at keeping friends linked and go through a good experience. Hence, they are going to launch a new feature which will help the peoples to get the Facebook connection through Wi-Fi whenever they need it. Any person can connect the Wi-Fi by checking the Wi-Fi connection available for that location”.

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They also added to their statement “Wi-Fi Discovery is an expansion of Wi-Fi access which was a trial of Facebook. Before two years they have joined with Cisco for the pilot program”. In this program they were providing free internet for the expansion of business. A business or company can expand by advertisement in Facebook.

In Facebook’s new Wi-Fi Discovery program, they will provide free Wi-Fi in civic places. If an individual want to use this facility then he/she can verify his/her location and check weather he/she is applicable for this feature, you just have to follow some simple steps. You can verify by your phone in Facebook app or Facebook messenger.

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At present this feature is only available in Facebook iOS app. Firstly, in your phone you have to download the new version of Facebook. Then you have to go to the menu option. Click on Enable Find Wi-Fi button. If you are lucky and you are able to find your city and town in the list then you can go further.

Control the settings and it will start working. After the Wi-Fi turns on, it will start searching the location. And you will be able to know the location of the connection of Wi-Fi. You will also know the distance and time to reach from the present location.

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So we all should check the networks of the Wi-Fi. And if you are selected for this feature offered by Facebook, then take the advantage of this feature and enjoy the free Facebook connectivity.

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