Facebook Is Helping the Unemployed People to Get Their Dream JobsFacebook Is Helping the Unemployed People to Get Their Dream Jobs

Job recruiters, head hunters, and personnel HR are increasingly using LinkedIn as a source for finding potential candidates. Recruiters also often join industry based groups on LinkedIn to create connections with professionals in that line of business.

Linkedin was founded on December 14, 2002, by Reid Hoffman and founding team members from PayPal and Socialnet.com LinkedIn has more than 467 million accounts, out of which more than 106 million are active.

LinkedIn allows users to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.

LinkedIn continues to add different services to its platform to expand the ways that people use it. On May 7, 2015, LinkedIn added an analytics tool to its publishing platform.

Inspired by Facebook’s “social graph”, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner set a goal in 2012 to create an “economic graph” within a decade.

“LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today. Facebook will now release a new gaming feature named Game room to battle with steam.

Recently Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion. Facebook is launching a new feature which will allow page administrators to post jobs and get submission from those who are interested for the jobs.

TechCrunch said that Facebook Company is now deciding to grow small businesses.

The job forms will include certain information like job title, salary, and its nature. The owners who are posting the jobs have to pay for good result in the News Feed. Before, in Facebook users have to give their true identity for job requirement this causes security risk. But now Facebook is going to launch this which will be safe & secure for all job searchers.

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