What Is Facebook Hidden Harry Potter Trick TrendingWhat Is Facebook Hidden Harry Potter Trick Trending

Facebook Hidden Harry Potter Trick: Facebook and Twitter are celebrating Harry Potter book 20th anniversary on June 26th, 2017. Users are also celebrating the same but in unique way. Facebook hidden Harry Potter Spell feature people are using. The celebration is the indication for the anniversary.

Just typing Harry Potter in Facebook will give you an enjoyment of Magical Spell on the Facebook Screen. Twitter is also celebrating using the same spell Harry Potter text.

As this is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter book series which has launched on 26th June, Monday. Those days are real fun, if you are from 90s then you must have watched all the series of Harry Potter. Hence now as a remembrance of that again so to you can enjoy the day using the magic spell just by clicking on Harry Potter Text.

This celebration is also a part of Google Easter Egg which inspired Facebook and Twitter to create a hidden spell, it allows you to create or post the text and one click will transform your device a magical plate.

What Is Facebook Hidden Harry Potter Trick Trending
What Is Facebook Hidden Harry Potter Trick Trending

The Trending On Facebook and Twitter about the celebration of Harry Potter is true and this can be done with simple steps. To do that you just need to write words like Harry Potter, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff in your status update box. Once you click on post button you will see similar animation spell and then you just need to click on that and Boom.. you are into a magical world of Harry Potter.

This is very simple, you just don’t need to type any bunch of code at front or back, just a simple text will perform your task, the click on text will show you amazing different color of sparkles, Harry Potter and Gryffindor will show Red color but Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will have different respective text color.

Trending On Twitter On Harry Potter!

Twitter is also celebrating the same as 20th anniversary of Harry Potter series hit the milestone by just simply typing #HarryPotter20 and it will show Harry Potter special Emoji, the Emoji is very small but still people are happy and enjoying today’s 20th anniversary of Harry Potter Series.

Comment below how you are celebrating This. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends.

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