Facebook Survey Paid Ads: We all know that giant social network Facebook, and it carries many ads in it. Around 10 million Americans see ads on the social network which is invented by the Russians. These Russians are making governmental control on the social network. This type of issues makes the Facebook jumbled into problems.

To avoid these trouble, Facebook is hiring one thousand peoples to get out of trouble. This team of people will review all the paid publications. The account linked to the ads are not real, this issue makes it difficult in tracking the account. Throughout the research, it was found that commonly they have produced over 3,000 political ads.

Facebook Is Hiring One Thousand People To Survey Paid Ads
Facebook Is Hiring One Thousand People To Survey Paid Ads

Last year on November, 44% of ads were observed carrying the United States presidential election and the leftover (56%) was covered until May 2016. The ads produce anger and hate among all the country’s voters by giving hateful comments such as racism, gun ownership, and immigration.

Facebook state that 3,000 ads were running from Russia and 470 accounts are fake, but the country refuses the involvement in the issues. You will be shocked to know that $100,000 have been spent on these publications. The Facebook has passed over 3,000 ads that have to break the rule policies for the social network. There are 10 million people who are far away from being a base amount.

Mark Zuckerberg after internal investigations, he himself gave the statement of the fake accounts to Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller is a prosecutor, who directs and operates the investigation of Russia’s involvement in the presidential polls, which had elected Donald Trump. This makes Mark Zuckerberg, take this step of hiring additional 1,000 people.

It is not clear that if this step of Facebook CEO will work or not. Now Facebook is showing that it is discussing the trouble with advantage. This promise appears like a hollow promise in the air of proactivity or cooperation. But Facebook is serious about the issue. The Russian accounts show that problem of the accounts safety cannot be secondary in these applications. Mueller’s team is trying to find how Google and Twitter used by Russians control the United States elections.

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