Facebook has launched his new iOS app known as Lifestage, Which basically asks the users few things like biographical details and then convert those details into a virtual profile video which is shared instantly with all the school network. Lifestage is an iOS app for teenagers, People who are under 21 years.

This app will ask options like happy face, sad face likes, dislikes, best friend, best book and much more, But the cool part is instead of biography questions with text the users can shoot videos which will be converted to a video profile which will be visible to friends from school.

This application allows the users to find the profiles of their friends of the same school and know much about their colleagues, Apart from that the user can see their shared interests and passions. Facebook announced this in a blog post today. So whenever someone updates their page the content will be showed in a feed allowing others to check out the post.

The users who are above 21 years old can also make a profile on this application, But the thing is they cannot see the profiles of others while the users below 21 have full access to other profiles.

Initially, the user should select their respective school name after they sign up, And other people;s profile will be showed only when there are at least 20 other students registered on this app from the same school. Just the way Facebook was launched back in 2004 by launching in the school to school and then university to university in the United States.

In the future updates, there will be new features added for sure also, According to users who are above 21 they may get to view others profile too. Well as for now there is nothing confirmed about the future updates and the new features coming in it, But Facebook has always given awesome updates with better accessibility and advanced options.

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