Shocking Rumors, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Running For PresidentShocking Rumors, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Running For President

According to the rumors of past weeks, the entire agency of Silicon Valley and the United States press have been captured. This news increased the expectation that CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg could represent himself before the president of the North American country.

As we all know, Donald Trump is the present president but not for more than four years. The hint of Mark Zuckerberg running for president might become an actuality in future. In 2015, he told that he will read interesting books every week. In 2016, he wanted to generate his specific virtual butler named ‘Jarvis’. Zuckerberg has disclosed his objective of this year. His aim is to tour 50 states that constitute the nation.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Running For President
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Running For President

Mark Zuckerberg aim is to pay attention to the statements of persons whose survival is ruined by the technology. According to reports, he has already started his tour as a pre-campaign.

His tour started in the city of Texas. In the Facebook profile, Zuckerberg shared photos of the visit. He has posted many pictures which indicate his aim to become a future contender for president of the United States. After Donald Trump won the elections, Mark Zuckerberg rapidly explained that social media is not related to the success of the contentious Republican leader in any way. He shared a post which was full of hopefulness.

Vanity Fair magazine has also given hints of Zuckerberg’s future objectives. A report that wrote ‘Facebook conveyed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)explained that what would be the result if Zuckerberg plans to be an applicant to become the president of US.

Fake Rumors All Over The Internet! That Mark Zuckerberg Will Run For Presidentship!

Will Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Run For President
Will Mark Zuckerberg Run for President? The Ringer Reports.
Is Mark Zuckerberg running for president?
Is Mark Zuckerberg considering a US president bid?

One more hint is the modification of the statement of Zuckerberg about religion. Zuckerberg is known as an avowed atheist, but in a report, he has told that religious conviction is very essential. In an assembly with Trump and various hi-tech directors, Zuckerberg has replaced himself with Sheryl Sandberg.

Before a couple of weeks, he appointed David Plouffe who is Barack Obama’s campaign manager. He appointed him to operate and support the foundation which is started by him and his wife, Priscilla Chan. This news is obtaining intensity in the Silicon Valley. Zuckerberg will turn 36 in 2020 which is the qualified age for becoming president. The probable date could be in 2024.

These reports are just buzzing because Mark Zuckerberg has not given any statement regarding his interest. This will be only disclosed after four years.

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