YouTube Got Competitor: Facebook Paid Videos

Facebook will never stop discovering new features. The social media company challenged the economists and said that they will never stop developing. On Wednesday, the company claimed a profit of 51% in the fourth quarter of last year. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company transferred 52 cents of every dollar into functioning income. Facebook has decided to do something different before it trips up.

In 2016, Facebook did something innovative by shoving live videos which were much appreciated by the users. The company has decided to spend their asset for making its latest profitable system. The profit can be increased by means of innovative features in videos. According to Zuckerberg video is a vogue.

Zuckerberg said that this is the reason why they are regularly posting videos in their social media companies. They are trying to make available the recording and sharing of videos in a new method and in a trouble-free technique.

Facebook Will Pay You Money For Your Videos In Future
Facebook Will Pay You Money For Your Videos In Future

A report by The Wall Street Journal signifies that Facebook is working on a video app for Apple TV and other devices. This report is just a rumor and it is not yet declared by the owner of facebook. This report can be made cleared from the statement of Zuckerberg, trying to promote videos.

Facebook will pay the video creators straight and profits dividing in the future. Facebook will now post videos more firmly in your News Feed. Now, facebook will act more similar to YouTube. It will try to assemble more and more video creators.

The company wants to support the video creators and share their income with them. They want the video creators to supply enough videos for their platform. Facebook has included a new video tab in its mobile app.

It seems that Facebook is trying to work on a very big decision. They will break all the habitual of a social media company. Facebook is trying to enhance the news feed and includes special features for video-related features.


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