Facebook Planning For A Commercial Launch In India Of Rural Wi-fiFacebook Planning For A Commercial Launch In India Of Rural Wi-fi

Facebook is planning for a commercial launch of rural wifi. Facebook wants to expand its rural wifi in India. Recently the social networking site facebook is talking to the internet service providers (ISPs) for expansion of its rural Wi-Fi program into a commercial launch in India And successfully completed 125 rural public Wi-Fi hotspots in a tie-up with BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) to complete the pilot program of the Express Wi-Fi program.

Mark Zuckerberg has initiated a new plan to bring the internet to a reasonable amount with the help broadband by partnering with ISP’s and other small entrepreneurs too. Though the program is not ready yet but the users will get affordable internet when the program is ready to go. Also, they will be proving high-speed internet plans from the local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).The talks continue for the commercial launch and the company has not revealed the names of the Internet Service Providers they will be partnering with. A Facebook India spokesperson said, “We are testing Express Wi-Fi program in India currently that allows customers to purchase fast, reliable and affordable data packages from their local ISP (internet service providers) to access the Internet via local hotspots”.

The social media company facebook has developed customized software for rural markets by its own and this will help ISPs and/or entrepreneurs to run a business within their local areas, This will be a helping lane coverage in the India’s rural cellular data networks. Facebook is helping the local internet service providers by providing supportive software and tools required.

India is one of the countries considered in which 1/3 of the population with internet access according to the report done by to an IAMAI. Not only this but india has always been a supportive country to facebook with huge amount of users.

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