Do You Know About Facebook’s Confidential Second WebsiteDo You Know About Facebook’s Confidential Second Website

In our day to day life Facebook has been playing an essential role in an individual life. We can bring updates that what’s is going on in one’s life within our family, relatives, and friends. Likewise, we can make new friends and chat with them anytime through Facebook.

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Facebook is that type of medium where you can side by side keep yourself update in this swiftness of the world but sometimes you find it frustrating, because there are people to whom you don’t want to chat when you are online and don’t want to give the bad impression on them. You don’t want to get disturbed by the unwanted Facebook friends or strangers while chatting with your friends.

That is way Facebook is here with its second website which will be helpful for you. Yes, it’s true? The second website of social media includes a second website which you can operate to chat with your friends with no disturbance. It’s a better than the initial Facebook and it doesn’t look as a social network, it is a much secure network to use.

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We all have seen the website of Facebook which contains many tasks like status, news, photos, groups etc. Many of us, doesn’t use these task and only like to chat with the friends. Luckily, Facebook is here with some other option for you. When you open your web browser, and insert A clean boundary comes on your screen in which you can chat with your friends and nobody can able to disturb you.

It also has helpful characteristics, it also has one quality that it doesn’t look like the Facebook which is lucky in offices where the employees are not allowed to use the social network. Associated with another messaging app service, it is easy to use also on your smartphone when you are sitting at your office desk. started in April 2015 but only a few people know about the being.

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Like the related web this was the site where 138 million visits per month, “you will say so many” but for Facebook, it is very little. If we compare it visitors are *25 billion*. The original Messenger app there is not the same characteristics it consists of video calling and newly group calls was publish but it will only work on the app, not on the web version. So stop waiting and turn on your enjoy messaging your Facebook friends without any disturbance.

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