Facebook Introduced a New Security Feature For YouFacebook Introduced a New Security Feature For You

Facebook Introduced a New Security Feature For You

The technique of two-factor verification is provided by many platforms to struggle against the hijacking in user accounts. This scheme contains as a common law of transferring a code or password by SMS or e-mail to the user but Facebook had made its step forward by providing its user’s verification by the use of USB.

The scheme of double verification is turn on whenever the user is logged in their account from a mobile device or computer while this scheme is secure. A complete security cannot be imagined by anyone and from this prospect, Facebook new security feature comes in view.

Secure Login Through USB:

The objective of the new feature of Facebook is to prevent the menace of interruption of code or secret code posted in the second stage of the verification procedure. In this procedure, you have to use a tangible USB that hold an encrypted key. In this procedure, it is essential to include a tangible aspect so that it is practically incompatible.

Facebook Just Introduced a New Feature for Your Security
Facebook Just Introduced a New Feature for Your Security

The method of verification is similar to the procedure explained above. The new facebook security feature will want to be setup to USB in place of code or password posted through the Internet. Even though, this feature and its execution will be modern to various users. Some reports state that this procedure is a practice of the company and is used within the company from a longer period.

A security engineer at Facebook named Brad Hill said: “this procedure or security feature is used for the safeguarding of their local benefit”. From the statement of Brad Hill, we can conclude that this method is totally safe and already experienced by the members of social media. Certainly, to slot in it any stick or USB key will not be valued. This method will take some assets.

For the verification of USB, you will need to have a USB U2F type, a type of stick (obtainable from any electronic store) and should cost around $20. According to the opinion of service, we can also use this method for different types of log in like Gmail and WordPress.

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