FBI Arrested Marcus Hutchins Who Stopped WannaCry RansomwareFBI Arrested Marcus Hutchins Who Stopped WannaCry Ransomware

FBI Arrested Marcus Hutchins: Marcus Hutchins is well known for developing a Kill Switch of WannaCry Ransomware, now he is under FBI custody, FBI claims that he has alleged role in creating Kronos Malware that targets Bank Accounts.

As the ransomware in May 2017 moniker as WannaCry was spread at a light of speed which affected thousands of hundreds of computers for the ransom of $300 to unlock the computer hard drive with a decryption key in which Marcus Hutchins successfully created the Kill Switch of WannaCry and handed over to FBI and now Hutchins is arrested in Las Vegas after attending the annual DefCon Hacking Conference he was leaving the country where FBI arrested him at Airport.

FBI Arrested Marcus Hutchins Who Stopped WannaCry Ransomware

FBI claims that he is involved a malicious software which has the capacity to target bank accounts and can steal money very easily. According to the FBI officials, the accusation of a serious crime as Hutchins helped to create, spread and maintain the banking trojan Kronos between 2014 and 2015.

The malware Kronos is very much dangerous, it can be spread through emails with malicious compromised Microsoft word document attachment which can hijack the system credentials such as internet banking password.

FBI officials claim Hutchins was also charged with another unnamed co-defendant which inform the federal that they are working together on Kronos. The public defender mentioned that Hutchins was not having any criminal history and he was working with US federal authorities in the past years.

Ryan Kalember a cyber security researcher from Proofpoint claims that the Kronos malware is expensive smooth and expensive as well, as the malware operator will have a nice dashboard panel and remote administration. The malware also having capability invading attention by antivirus software, the Kronos malware was sold on malware forums for prices upto $7,000. Ryan also said Hutchins lists the price of $2,000 and $3,000.

The court Attorney said Hutchins to hire his private attorney and he was asserted his fifth amendment right to remain silent, later court orders him to remain retained until next hearing on Friday-August.

A friend of Hutchins at the courthouse said he was shocked to hear about his arrest, he refuses to reveal his name.

The Security Researcher Hutchins become an accidental hero in May 2017 when he was able to get registered in the deep code of the ransomware outbreak that inflicted mass widespread computer ransomware infection all around the world, Hutchins changed the site into kill switch for the ransomware malware which started preventing to infect new computers.

However, Marcus Hutchins is still not a confirmed criminal for Kronos malware, the alleged role of his stays remains a doubt. The Officials from FBI from the US and other officials from the UK are also involved in this case.

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