iPhone 8 Got Some Exciting New Features, cannot Wait To SeeiPhone 8 Got Some Exciting New Features, cannot Wait To See

5 Exciting Features Of iPhone 8 We Can’t Wait To See

The iPhone 8 news is scattering throughout the internet. The iPhone 7 was a big bang last year as the company accepted. This year many devices are to be launched. So, this year will be very excited for the Android phone users. Various tech companies have promised to launch their high-end devices in the first half of this year.

Apple can launch its high-end device in its iPhone tenth anniversary which is only eight months far. The device which is to be launched is rumored to have many awesome features and specifications. Apple’s next device is iPhone 8. According to rumors, iPhone 8 will have most overwhelming features and those features are discussed below. So let’s take a look in exciting features of iPhone 8.

5 Exciting Features of iPhone 8 We Can’t Wait To See
5 Exciting Features of iPhone 8 We Can’t Wait To See

Design of iPhone 8

From the previous iPhones, we can say that Apple’s iPhones are almost the same. Apple enfolds the best information’s for the execution of iPhone 8. Reports claims that iPhone 8 will be almost screening and the display will be refurbished. It will ditch the home button and the home button will be switched with 3D Touch action.

Display of iPhone 8

According to rumors, Apple will alter from an LCD panel to an OLED panel in the forthcoming iPhone 8. iPhone 8 will have an adaptable panel that arc on either side at the boundaries. This feature is similar to Samsung’s current Galaxy flagship devices.

Specifications of iPhone 8

The specifications are not exactly revealed but the rumored specifications are just mind-blowing. Apple can feature a latest 10-nanometer A11 Fusion chipset in the high-end iPhone 8 and also a faster NAND flash memory.

Facial Recognition feature of iPhone 8

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will embrace a facial recognition feature in iPhone 8. According to the reports, Apple considers working on facial recognition technology more willingly than iris recognition by the opinion of bio-recognition patents which Apple has used. The facial recognition includes some mechanical disputes. They are algorithms, hardware design and the building of a record for confirmation and certification which is protracted. A blend of the two steps of bio-recognition could be an applicable answer for improving transactions safety before Apple can completely exchange the fingerprint system with facial recognition. The facial recognition proves that iPhone 8 will aim in improving the security.

Wireless Charging feature of iPhone 8

Previously, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus removed the earphone port and attached the wireless AirPods. Rumors suggest that iPhone is working on wireless charging equipment. It will allow the users to charge their iPhones at the distance of up to 15 feet.

The users are excitedly waiting for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary because the most awaited iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in this event. After looking at the above features the excitement for iPhone 8 has increased for sure.

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