A study led by Indian-origin entrepreneur says Microsoft’s Employees are more innovative than the employees of Apple, And Facebook’s staff is less creative than most tech workers. According to findings, It has been revealed that Facebook lags behind the others in the case of cultivating a culture of creativity.

Samar Birwadker, Founder, and CEO of Good&CO was quoted as saying “The study data tell us that in terms of adventurousness, Microsoft employees tend to be neck-and-neck with Apple’s, and much more adventurous than Google, Facebook , or IBM employees” to fastcompany.com on Friday.

Facebook is among the first social media platforms on the internet, It may be considered among the most innovative companies in the world

Birwadker stated, “But with the success of social platforms and companies like Google. Microsoft realised that they need to focus on the consumer first, whereas they have always been B2B”. By pointing out on the arrival of Microsoft’s latest CEO, Satya Nadella in 2014.

The study showed that Companies like IBM, Facebook and Google aren’t necessarily providing the working atmosphere that is reflected in their recruiting materials.

Birwadker noted “You can’t have 10 people in a boardroom deciding what the culture of the company is. It is defined by the people who already work there”.

But Microsoft is perceived as less innovative, because of the huge amounts of achievements tech giant has lagged behind the growth of its competitors. The study said, “Microsoft has always made a lot of money doing things the right, traditional, organised way”.

According to a study published by Good&Co, The team has analysed the data gained from unknown personality quizzes completed by 4,364 tech employees of what they believe are perceived as the five most innovative companies in Silicon Valley: Apple, Google , Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM.

The two-year-long study also analysed 10 million responses from 2,50,000 users. Questions ranged from thoughts and feelings about networking to how they handle problems at work.

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