Find The Nearest ATM Having Cash Or Not Using This WebsiteFind The Nearest ATM Having Cash Or Not Using This Website

From the recent news, there has been chaos in India when the prime minister stated a shocking announcement on banning of 500 & 1000 rupees notes. It was more than shocking to all the people who have black money because according to the prime minister if India most of the black money can be erased by banning these two notes as the people with cash have these two notes of cash hidden in their places.

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This decision was shocking but there is an issue that has stunned the people all over the country that these notes will not be accepted anywhere except in the banks and the people with huge amount of money should deposit the money in banks and according to the amount of money there will be tax cuts respectively.

Since these two notes will not be used for any purpose you have to exchange them into 100’s and hence all te ATM’s are always with atleast one big queue. But there is a website for people waiting outside the ATMs to withdraw cash that will help you know in which nearby ATM the cash is available so this will be helpful to all the people who are standing in a queue and at the end getting disappointed when the ATM goes dry on cash.

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This website updates real time statistics that are based on the users’ feedback and lets you know which ATM has cash, which has long queues and which has gone cash-dry.

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All you need to do is just log in and type in your area code and this website will display which ATM has cash and which doesn’t. And Since the website updates data based on users’ feedback, one can update the status by clicking the ATM venue link and then selecting one of the three options cash, long wait, and no cash to help the website get updated for other users.

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