Meet The World's First Holographic Phone The Hydrogen OneMeet The World's First Holographic Phone The Hydrogen One

Hydrogen One: We have seen various interesting devices this year with mind-boggling concepts. Be it infinity display or be it on screen fingerprint sensor. A lot of new stuff has made its way to us. The one which I find unique and powerful is none other than The Essential.

This device is powerful in the sense that the idea can change the way we see smartphones today. We need new exciting stuff not the same boring concept with just upgraded numbers. And Essential does that flawlessly.

World’s First Holographic Phone The Hydrogen One – Images And Launch

But now there is one more participant. And this smartphone is something which no brand has ever done. A device with a holographic capability which can change 2D to 3D creating interactive experiences. The device is dubbed as Hydrogen One and it’s the world’s first holographic smartphone. The best part is you don’t have to use any accessories like glasses. Your screen will do the job without any other pieces of equipment. That’s impressive, right?

World's First Holographic Phone The Hydrogen One - Images And Launch
RED is known for manufacturing Kickass professional cameras. World’s First Holographic Phone The Hydrogen One – Images And Launch

While other smartphone brands are wasting resources and time in improving numbers or attracting consumers with fake benchmarks. Brands like RED, a manufacturer of professional cameras, is innovating the market. Yes! This Hydrogen One is a device proposed by the company RED.

They haven’t told much about the product and specification. According to the brand, one can’t describe this unique holographic capability with words and you have to see it live to understand what it can actually do. Well, understandable.

Apart from this, Hydrogen One will support Moto mods which is amazing. You can also expect great camera performance and you will be able to control some of the RED cameras with the Hydrogen One.

Although some of the reliable sources said that the smartphone will be having a 5.7-inch display, type-C support, micro SD and most important, a headphone jack. Well, there you go apple. ( Hope next iPhone will not let us down )

Availability and pricing of Hydrogen One: 

The device will be available in early 2018. It will be a limited or exclusive device just like The Essential. You will have to pre-order if you want to get your hands on one of this.

The device will come in two variants- one with aluminum costing you $1,195 and one with titanium at $1,595. This pricing is for limited time period only.

If you loved this device and wants to hold one in your hand then pre-order it now with this link.

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