VIVO phone with 120w fast charge

Today, two China-based first-tier smartphone makers, OPPO and VIVO announced fast charging options for smartphones. And what’s more important, both exceed three digits level. Particularly, OPPO announced that on July 15 it will uncover the new technology reach up to 125W charging power. The charging technology is likely to be branded under the company’s SuperVOOC Flash Charging nomenclature. On the other hand, VIVO released a 120W ultra-fast charging technology at today’s technical communication meeting. It not only demonstrated the charging speed of the real machine, but also announced that it will mass-produce a model supporting this technology. The IQOO 120W flash charging model may be officially unveiled in August.

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In this regard, one of the Weibo users disclosed more information concerning this handset. He said the iQOO mysterious new machine will use a 20W super-fast charge (20V 6A and 10V 12A). Due to it, the phone will be able to charge 50% of the power in 5 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes. In fact, we have seen the measured data before, and it was 80% in 10 minutes. We should also focus on the information that this phone will hit the market in August.

VIVO phone with 120w fast charge

OPPO’s 120W Fast Charge Technology

We should also mention that OPPO currently has the fastest wired charging support for any smartphone with its 65W SuperVOOC Flash Charge 2.0. The latter allows the phone with a 4200mAh battery to fully charge in 38 minutes. Say, the OPPO Find X2 Pro charged completely within 35 minutes. However, it’s still unknown which smartphone will be the first to get support for 125W SuperVOOC Flash Charge.

VIVO’s 120W Fast Charge Technology

Back to VIVO, the company claim that the 120W ultra-flash charging model will be the first to produce and mass-produce the latest 6C cell and array-type structure design. It can charge 50% of the power in 5 minutes (the capacity is unknown) and get fully charged in 15 minutes.

VIVO phone with 120w fast charge

C (rated capacity rate) represents the charge and discharge rate, that is, the machine supports charge and discharge at 6 times the current of the battery (2000mAh). By the way, the current mass production solution in the industry supports only 3C.

Taking into account the reasons of heat generation and stability, IQOO converts 20V×6A to 10V×12A through custom batteries (MPW array pole structure) and charging chips to achieve 120W charging power, with a conversion rate of 98.5%. The charger also supports Intelligent temperature control, which reduces heat generation. On smartphones, IQOO has increased graphite heat dissipation film. Also, it improved superconducting VC liquid cooling heat dissipation system, high thermal conductivity gel and other heat dissipation methods to ensure that 120W fast charging reduces heat and improves stability.

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